1969 SS/GA

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  1. :eek::eek::eek: HELLOOOOOO!!!???!?!! Am I the only one here who's jaw just dropped when they realized this was rusty, i mean, THE rusty gillis here??? I mean, COME ON!!

    Every day this forum scares me, well known people from everywhere just seem to pop in and out..

    great to see the 69 running again rusty, its a great piece of mustang and musclecar heritage, and I think that if any one of us were that car, we would want to be raced again to. Thats one thing that I hate to see, a car that just sits in a garage, but it brings that warm fussy feeling when I see one out there dooing what they do best.

    keep it up rusty :flag:
  2. Yeah, John; it's Rusty. One of the reasons that "the Web" is also the best example of a "Great Equalizer" is that greats in their field (like Rusty) can come down and hobnob with us "little guys". And, since we're all hiding behind our computer screens; we can do and say things like convincing Rusty to run the Stang again.
    And we're all at least a little bit better for it.

    Keep ridin' that Pony, Rusty. It's what she was built for; and she can show another generation that this "old stuff" can and will still be good enough to run the next cantury.
  3. I sure hope that green Camaro in the first pic was one of the ones you opened a can of woopass on.

    Way to pound the pavement Rusty, keep hope alive!!!!!!!!!!!