1970 Coupe ,,, What Is It ?

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  1. I have a 70 coupe under the dash around fusebox area is a plastic box with ford # it has a couple wires and couple vacuum lines any ide what it is ? also have taillights but no hazard , turn signal or brake light on driver side the green with orange wire has no power traced as far as I could till it went up behind dash any ideas ?
  2. Is your car a California car ? I believe it is part of the 70 smog devise ,it did something to the vacuum advance to the distributor .It can be disconnected.
    Your car will probably also have an evap ,ventilation system on the top of the gas tank ,unless the tank has been replaced . If it does you can replace the tank for the one that does not .
  3. didn't notice anything on tank don't know if its California car or not hadn't even thought of anything like that , I thought it was some kind of weird thing a previous owner did until I seen some ford numbers on it , so far haven't been able to find anything in manual but I check emissions chapter I have never seen anything like it on any of my mustangs or cougars of same era
  4. I have seen it on other 70 Mustangs ,usually Cali. cars . To tell if your car is a Cali. car look at the vin. number ,the second number is a letter it will be R for Cali. San Jose plant.