1970 Ford Mustang Super Cobra? on ebAY

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  1. Yeah. IIRC, this is about its 3rd or 4th time on eBay.

  2. If I were going to drop that kind of green , Id buy that Eleanor replica shown in the other thread. Before yall roast me , listen to reason...At least you can drive it and not lose an hour off your life for every minute its on the road .... This car IS the engine. Like a 70 LS6 Chevelle. The car is the motor. The block cracks , and youve just lost the better part of your investment . If he were selling this as 1 of 2 SCJ Mustangs , but with a factory replacement block , or a 428 built like nobodys business , he would probably only get around 30 grand. Id be too afraid to risk sending a piston through the block to ever break 35 mph. At least with a Shelby, you are buying the car, not the engine. Original engines are good in Shelbys, but they dont make or break them like something of this sort. As long as its in the registry , its a Shelby. But put another engine in this , and , well, its not really a SCJ anymore .
  3. One rare Mustang, for sure. The owner just used fancy words. Car would be better if it was a convertible!!!!!
  4. Isn't any car better when it's a vert though? :shrug: We're the top of the food chain! :p [flame retardent suit on]

    He could probably get all that money and then some if he reffered to it as just a Cobra though, at least I think that's how it works, admittedly I am a tad sketchy on exactly how many times the word Cobra has to appear on the car for that priviledge though. :stick: :rolleyes:
  5. :flame:

    Just testing. :D

  6. :lol: Hey, thanks for lighting my pipe!

  7. The only thing "Cobra" on that car is the Super Cobra-Jet engine.

    Trunk, hood, grille, doors, interior, title, owner's underwear - "MUSTANG"
  8. He may want to edit , so as not to cause you undue stress.... God forbid .. :rlaugh: