1970 Fuel Tank Questions

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by rh1970, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. First, little bit of background:

    Working on my old car, trying to get it back on the road. Long story short, it got parked years ago, and now I'm feeling the pain of trying to bring it back and drive it again. Working on the engine and fuel system at this time. Tank is full of stale gas, collection of crud, etc, so I'm debating between cleaning, or replacing the tank.

    It is a 1970, with most of the components (maybe all, I'm not sure what all there should be) for California emissions. The tank doesn't appear to have any leaks, filler neck is still there, rubber joint boot, as well as the contraption that connects to the top of the tank, on the driver side up toward the back seat.

    Now the quandary.... it's never going to be a show car... so I am debating on replacing the tank with a new one w/ new neck, and getting rid of the old. Is that worth the hassle to clean the old one up and keep it, knowing it's never going to be show quality, just a fun driver? Or sell it to someone doing a showcar, and save my somewhat limited time to work on something else that needs doing?

  2. i would replace the tank .if i remember correctly the smog garbage is plastic
    on the top of the tank ,i would not trust it .new tanks are cheep enough.save the old tank if it isnt rusty inside .replace the sender and hoses as well ,you may be able to save the filler neck if it isnt rusted.
  3. new tanks are cheap enough to buy these days, as i recall you can get a new 70 tank for around $150 or so.
  4. New tanks are cheap as well as sending units. Replace the tanks for sure. Buy the one with a drain plug for storing.