1970 Mach 1 Window Issues

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  1. Hi New guy here. I need to know if anyone else has a window problem on the 1970 mach. When I roll the window all the way up there is a gap between the window and body I can stick my finger through. The window guide is pushed in as far as it will go to allow the window to roll up. Anyone have this issue?

    Also how do I put a picture in there
  2. is the regulator bent ?

    go to the top of the page and click on your screen name beside inbox .then scroll down to Avitar and click,easy from there
  3. ok i told you wrong .go back to top of page and just place cursor on Grabbergreen do not click .then scroll down to avitar. click on avitar
  4. Maybe because it's a new account, I don't have an avatar option. BTW watching your fastback conversion story, that's a rare talent you have, a great job all around.
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  5. not sure, may have to ask @Noobz347 about the avitar pic.
    thanks for the compliment .
  6. You are correct. Once you've become an official member (achieved through participation in the forums) then the options for signature and avatar become accessible to you.
  7. AHa, it all makes sense now. thank you.