1970 Mach I T-5 (drag car)

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  1. 1970 Mach I T-5
    (T-5 Mustangs were originally sold in Germany, where previous copyright forbid the use of the name ‘Mustang’)

    Motor built 2004. I have not run this engine down the track, so it has cranked, idled, and driven down the road and back once a month, but never really run hard.
    - 429 CJ (stroked to 499 ci)
    - Block is deburred and grouted to 50% of water jackets
    - 12.5:1 compression
    - SCAT 9000 offset ground crank
    - Forged rods and pistons
    - Iron CJ heads with some port work done
    - 3-angle oversize valves (I believe they flowed somewhere over 420 intake and 215-220 exhaust)
    - Stud mounted Crane Gold roller rockers
    - Solid flat tappet cam
    - Custom modified Edelbrock Victor intake
    - Holley Dominator
    - 1 7/8” Primary headers (came with 385-series engine swap kit for 1970 Mustangs)
    - Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and in-line filter with regulated return fuel system and full braided fuel lines
    - 5 gal fuel cell
    - Optima battery located in trunk
    - Steel 8-point cage (minus door bars, which I never welded in), TIG-welded
    - Ladder bar rear suspension with coil springs
    - Stock 9” 4.11 rear with mini spool. I have the pieces (gears, full spool) to convert to a beefier rear end, but I never installed them.
    - Large-housing built C-6 transmission, reverse pattern, 4500 stall converter, Cheetah SCS shifter, transmission cooler
    - Line lock and trans brake
    - Aluminum radiator, electric fans
    - Remote-mounted dual oil filters

    I am in the military, and after my last move I lost my records giving exact details of motor internals. The motor was built for nitrous, and dynoed at 699 hp / 615 ft/lb torque naturally aspirated, including reaching 500 ft/lb by 1500 rpm.

    This was my first car, I bought it at age 15. Over the years, it evolved most of the way into a race car. I am never going to have time to take it to a track every weekend, and what I really want is a cruiser anyway, so after much heartache I have decided to sell it. I am asking $8500. Realize that this car needs some work to be track-ready, but I’ve put as many pictures up as possible. It’s a good starting point with a solid motor and transmission. I have a car hauler and will travel up to 150 miles from the Camp Lejeune area to meet a buyer—anything further, and you are responsible for arranging shipping.

    I don’t check this site often, so for questions email me at [email protected]
    Car is located in Jacksonville, NC. I will post a follow-up link for pictures

    UPDATE: Hood and windshield destroyed in a recent hurricane. However, I will now include a less-than-two-year-old Big Tex 70CH dove-tailed caur hauler with your purchase.
  2. Updating this listing. I'm heading back to TrashCanistan for an extended period, so I need to drop this car. I am entertaining all reasonable offers. I will travel a few hundred miles from Jacksonville, NC, to meet a buyer, but much beyond that and buyers are responsbile for arranging and paying for shipping after payment has been received and validated.

    Email me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.