1970 Mustang, Brakes, A/c. Power Steering

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  1. Hello all ..

    I just got a 1970 with a 351w. The car is in good shape. Most all of what I am doing is proventive at this point
    new paint inside and out, undercoating. there are a few small spots on the doors the have some rust and the only big thing is need is the cowl replaced. I hope that helps with a bit of a picture of what I am dealing with.

    I am going to pull the engine for better access replacing the cowl, painting the engine, painting and redoing the engine compartment. So now is the time. I am going to add power brakes, power steering, and A/C . Southwest Florida is now a place to be with out A/C

    Here is what I am hoping some of you can help me with. I know I am have going to have to change stuff around on the front of the engine for the power steering pump, and A/C compressor. Different pulleys and belts, and mounts for PS pump, A/C compressor, Alternator. I am 99% going with the Borgeson Power Steering Kit but the A/C compressor I have not picked out as of yet.

    So can you help me with where to start ? What works with what ? What pulleys will I need ? What mounts will I need to get this all to work together ?

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  2. Thanks I checked them both out and I really like the Classic Auto Air. But with that came the next problem my 351W is a 4 bolt 1 grove. So now the hint it on for a 2 grove set ...