1970 Mustang Milano

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  1. Stumbled upon this while screwing around on the interwebz. How many of you guys would love to see one of these in your garage??

  2. I saw that a long time ago :drool: it is bit chin , Kind of looks like it is crossed with a Challenger .Some one built one with a hatch back as well ,just as cool:nice:
  3. You probably better stick with just the car :chin A girl like that is only going to leave you high and dry and probably run off with Alfredo the Pool boy, your money ,and the car ! :runaway:

  4. Dude... That's Alyssa Milano. She's already rich and if I end up running off with the Pool Girl, it's because the pool girl was completely god-like in hawtness.
  5. Sorry Alfredo ,Didn't know it was you :hide:
  6. The Mustang Milano looks like a Javelin/Challenger. I do love that purply black paint though.

    I just want my '69 Mach back. it wasn't as high maintenance as Ms. Milano is sure to be.