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  1. Hey, new to the Classics Section here on SN.

    I'm adding a new pony to the stable. It's a 1970 Mustang Grande.

    Rock solid save for a rust hole on top of the passenger's side front fender that is the size of a dime and a small dent above the taillight on the driver's side. Vinyl roof was replaced some time ago as it is in great condition. Passenger side marker lamp is missing. Grande rocker trim missing on driver's side. Rear lower valance missing. I could buff out what's left of the paint (Has been re-painted at least once). It's red for the most part.

    Needs work but is in fairly decent condition. Front seats need reapair and the radio is missing. Passenger's side seat is holding the sidepipe on via bailing wire.

    Built Edelbrock 302 V8 with 351 heads. Carter carb off a 440 HEMI. Sidepipe exhaust - no cats or mufflers. Fuel system needs to be replumed as it does not pump into the engine.


    WORKS. C-4 Automatic. Car does move on it's own (if you can keep the engine running :rolleyes:)

    Wheels Could be restored, tires are bald and flat.

    Intact. Rear has been shackled

    So I'll be starting this thread as I will be needing help. This is going to be my first project. I plan on putting the old factory wheels and tires off my '02 V6 on the '70 to make it a bit more mobile. I know the bolt pattern is the same.

    Questions thus far:
    Rear has been shackled - why?
    Will the 16"rims/tires off my '02 V6 fit?
    Any thoughts in general on this?

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  2. Two more pictures - interior and the engine.

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  3. That looks pretty cool. Its great to see another projetc. Its also cool to see one of a 70 grande. My friend restored a 70 grande about 10 or so years ago. You just don't see very many of them.

    The rear has been shackled to raise the back of the car so the rear isn't dragging the ground. The rear springs could be sagging realy bad or the previous owner had large rear tires on it that hit the fenders. It could also have been doen to give it a rake so it had more of a hot rod look.

    I actually like a little bit of rake or at least to be level. I don't really care for it being lower in the rear and these Mustangs were known for being nose high.

    I have shackles on mine because it was sitting too low in the rear with new springs. I cut the excess shackle off and painted them black.

    I don't think that the 02 V6 wheels will look good. They will require spacers to fit right. I don't believe in spacers personally. I would just sell those wheels and get a used set that look better.

    I can't tell what wheels are currently on it, but I can say they look better than the late model wheel would. If they are just chrome they can be polished up again with some fine steel wool and then your choice of chrome polish.

    I think that car with the side pipes and all needs a set of Cragar SS wheels that are 15x7 front and 15x8 rear with maybe a 225 60 15 tire front and 245 or 255 60 15 rear. Of course with raised white letters like BFG TAs or Cooper Cobras etc.

    Here are some pictures of mine.


    Check out this 69. It has side pipes and shackles and the wheels and tires I'm talking about.

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  4. Either something is blocking the pictures or the links in your thread are broken. I can't see the pictures of your '65. :( The '69 however looks real cool.

    I don't plan on keeping the '02 rims on the '70 Grande. They are just temporary so I can at least roll the car about a bit. The ones on the car now are what's left of the factory ones similar to this '70:

    I will have the car redone black as to me it will fit the white roof a bit better. the pinstripe will be reapplied as well.

    The Crager SS you mentioned are very similar to what I have on my '02 now (17" Bullits) I'll go with the black center ones as they'll fit the car nicely with the stagered look.


    I'll have the pipes re-chromed by the local Custom Cycle shop.

    Do you happen to know where I can get the proper door trim for a Grande'? I can only find it for Mach 1's.
  5. Those wheels will look good on it. The Magnums look good in that picture. The Magnums are my favorite. I have them.

    To see pictures on stangnet you have to be logged in. When I'm not logged in I can't see yours either. See if that works.
  6. wasn't logged in.

    That is really sharp tx65. Absolutely imaculate condition. What color is that? Looks like dark blue.
  7. Its caspian blue. It was originally a turquoise car. I wanted mightnight blue but thought it would be cool to pick an actual 65 color.
  8. Got some more shots of the engine on Saturday.

    So Far:
    302 V8 Block
    351 heads (BOSS 302 anyone?)
    Edelbrock intake manifold
    Mickey Thompson valve covers
    Carter 4bbl. Carb off a 440 Dodge Hemi
    Unknown goodies inside possibly


    And two of the car itself:
  9. That looks like you have something good to start with. Those MT valve covers are pretty cool. Whats the condition of the side pipes are they still usable? I definitely like that.
  10. They're intact, work and don't leak. The car does run - just not well but bad fuel and plumbing will do that. They just need to be re-chromed and cleaned up a bit.
  11. Ran a VIN decoder in the '70 and it matches almost perfect (The Engine mods are what throws it off a bit)

    1970 Mustang
    Assembled in Metuchen, New Jersey
    Grande' Hardtop
    220 HP 302 V8 (The current mods would make it more of the 290HP BOSS 302 engine)
    Number XXXXXX

  12. You may be right, though the only rocker panel I've see is for a Mach 1. Although (see pic), it could simply be a chrome strip with black paint below.
    IMHO, adding rocker panels along with the sidepipes would really busy up that area. I think the only badging is a block "Grande" just below the script Mustang on the front fender (see pic)


    I highly reccommend ordering an NPD, CJPony or Cal Mustang catalog. www.NPDLink.com has them downloadable to your PC. You can search through and find parts unique to yours. The Grande, on first blush, has unique parts in the suspension, bumper guards and upholstery. It's a 'luxury' pony, if you will.

    Hope This helps.
  13. Got an NDP catalog already. :nice: Has quite a few things I will need.

    Looks like I'm out on alot of parts unless I get lucky in a wrecking yard. There seems to be quite a few "Grande' Only" parts MIA:

    -All Fender badges
    -Chrome wheel well strip passenger side
    -Rocker molding driver side

    The guy I bought it from said the guy he got it from was trying to make it a Mach 1 - hence the pipes, beefier engine and de-badging.

  14. What you have in that picture are the standard rocker panels on the 1970 Grande package Mustang. It was a Bright Rocker Panel Molding with a vinyl (sticker) insert. However, rocker panels without the vinyl inster were optional on all body styles in 1970.
  15. Update form this past Saturday - August 1, 2009

    Got the car to an Uncle's house the next town over. I washed it with a mix of Turtle Wax Ice car wash and this stuff called "Greased Lightning" that eats through everything but car paint (You should water it down - Not responsible if it does eat your cars finish) - it's a super degreaser of sorts. Vaccumed the interior and tore off the rear coil over shocks.

    So the car is orange not red::rolleyes:

    Cleaned it: :)

    The rear shocks are not correct nor attached or whole: :nonono: They were promptly removed.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Interior BEFORE cleaning:

    Wheels are beat-up 14" Crager SS units not the magnums they originally looked to me:

    Door stickers have been painted over: :(
  16. Its always nicer working on something that is clean.

    I'm really liking those side pipes.

    You definitely don't want those overload springs on the shocks. The rear of the car was not designed to support weight and then shocks can punch holes through it.

    Ive never heard of hercules honco tires. Thats kind of a funny name. LOL...

    Thats cool that you have the dash clock.
  17. Cleaned the sticker as carefully as I could. I managed to salvage the DSO code. "13" Meaning New York which makes sense since the car was built in Jersey. Other than that all the numbers are missing.
  18. Thats cool. What did you use to clean the stickers? You could try mineral spirits.

    Does the dash clock work?
  19. IT MOVES!!! Got the car fired up last night after a quick jump start and let it sit idling. The battery cables were not fully attached to the battery which is why it died overnight. Fuel pump works in spurts so that needs to be replaced, but I already knew that and picked up a new one from Pep Boys for $25 built by Carter.

    After letting it warm up I threw it in reverse and realized that the brakes are really bad. But I pulled off a 5 point "K" turn and got it turned around in the spot we had it in so now it's facing out.

    Then this list was compiled. This is just part of the list. The car was definitely set up as a drag car:

    Things that need to be fixed or replaced:
    1. Fuel pump
    2. Heater core lines were removed and plugged
    3. Temp sensor was removed and plugged
    4. Driver's side header is leaking.
    5. Need a new battery and power cables
    6. Almost all of the emissions stuff is missing
    7. New carb needed
    8. Air cleaner needed
    9. Brakes - rears were cut out for drag racing purposes. Passenger side front works, drivers side front is not woking
    10. New rear leaf packs and the PROPER shackles
    11. Transmission linkage is loose
    12. New rims and tires
    13. New distributor, plugs, and plug wires
    14. Dash wiring - this will be fun. Alot of cut wires, untapped open circuits, jury rigging and the like. The entire steering column save for the hazards was cut out.

    This stuff called "Greased Lightning" is what I used to strip the over spray off.

    The clock doesn't work, I suspect it's part of the dash wiring problem.
  20. 'Stang is gone - Body was beyond repair, after looking deeper. Traded with a nice guy in Vermont for a running '71 Dodge Charger. He needed all my good interiror components to finish his '69 Mach 1 clone.