1970 restomod finally done

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  1. Here's my 1970 coupe with 347 stroker and full suspension upgrades. IMG_2242a.jpg IMG_2241a.jpg
    user2947_pic2165_1245984370.jpg user2947_pic2164_1245984370.jpg
    user2947_pic2162_1245984334.jpg IMG_2240a-1.jpg

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  2. Thats sweet! I like the color you went with. The car looks great!

    Which wheels are you running now?

    The chrome or polished ones look better than the grayish ones. Either way looks good though.
  3. Sweet car! How much is it lowered and how wide are your wheels? Thanks.
  4. Congrats looks really nice. :nice:
  5. Congrats looks great :nice:
  6. amazing!!!
  7. Thanks! I lowered it 3 inches in the front and 2 inches in the back. 17x8 245.45.17 and 17x9.5 285.40.17

    I have new dyno numbers and quarter mile times posted in classic tech....