1970Impala Part 2

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  1. I saw that about 30 seconds after it appeared...if it was the same as the one for a '76, I'd be bidding on it too! Looks like it might have been used a bit, (see discoloration on the bottom) but, a real nice piece nonetheless. Jon...looks like an early stocking stuffer for you. If you are a good boy, perhaps Santa will find you a set of white cargos yet.
  2. Anybody want to lay odds on the fact that it was part of that $10 lot?

    I'll bet the discoloration is from UV exposure over 20+ years as it laid on a shelf next to a box, with only part of the bottle exposed.
  3. I agree about the UV exposure. The spout looks like it got some too. I think that even if unused, age has yellowed it just a bit. Too bad these are so damn hard to find!
  4. Be prepared for a fairly high reserve, this seller is well known to many of us ;)

    (He buys up all NOS under a different Ebay ID)
  5. is that phux em phil?
  6. Indeed, confirmed when I inquired about a '74 air deflector previously listed. I wonder why he uses a new name for selling, or how many identies he is now using? :shrug:
  7. No sh**. :nonono: unbeliveable! Tim just sent me an email telling me you verified it WAS Phil. Len has been helping me on this too. I can't believe it. Why on earth did he have to change his name? what do you think that purple is on the bottom? any clues????
  8. who wants to bet on the closest selling price...especially from Phil.???

    100? 150? 200?????? :bang:
  9. I would presume because some of us have figured out the IDs that have been in use. :owned: Oh well, just another one for the blocked bidder list.

    And for those who think otherwise, yes, I feel he deserves to be in the business. However, there's a big difference in making a decent profit :flag: , and taking us to the cleaners (albeit willingly, for some) :notnice: . So, I exercise my right to not buy there. :banana:

    The funny thing is, I'm sure he knows that the bottle is wanted {even a blind man couldn't miss the wanted ads ;) }, but he felt the need to put a reserve on it. Maybe he just wants everybody to know he has one( kinda like Baum on some of his parts :rolleyes: ). The real tipoff will be when he lists NOS white cargo panels. :D

    He must have had help with his listing...it doesn't contain the usual errors that were always part of his posts to the list.

    Everyone say hello, I would imagine he's reading this board.
  10. HEHE, its phux me phil. :eek:
  11. :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Oh, hello Phil. I wonder if being nice will drop his reserve price????? :D
  12. OK I don't want this to start a massive flame war, just some observations. I've made runs with Phil to get parts, and here is my take on why some thngs are seen as excessive. When you or I buy something on Ebay we pay shipping, easy enough to comprehend, we buy it, pay shipping we have it. 99% of what Phil ends up with he has to travel to get, buying HUGE lots of parts to maybe get 1 or 2 mustang II parts. Add this to the cost of Deisel fuel which right now is about $2.25 a gallon and you can see how things add up. I wouldn't bet he is getting his stuff cheap anymore either, anyone who has seen Ebay would now know there is a market for these parts and they want to make a buck to. I think the days of the parts suppliers raping everyone is done, unless your Gary Baum. I'm not defending Phil in any way, I recieve no money from Phil nor do I advertise for him, i'm just trying to offer some insight.
  13. 200 bucks???? WOW! :shrug: I guess I just dont get it. But then again, You are trying to get your car asclose to factory original as possible....right? I dont think that I would have the balls or the stomach to pay 200 bucks for a over flow bottle. But thankyou! Becasue of your loyalty to this car. More people will be able to see and appreciate a beutiful Mustang II. :hail2: Ok ill get off of my knees now!

  14. Jon....that's the price you pay, when you deal with the head elf in Santa's toyshop, instead of the (nice) jolly old fellow himself! Nice doesn't work with
    those overworked elves, that also work overtime under the table in outside retail endeavors.
    I'll keep believing in the nice old fat man in the red suit coming through for things I need, before subjecting myself to paying Phil's retail or reserve prices on II parts. If I'm going to bid high on something, it will be in an auction against him, rather than for him. At least then I've done it on what I feel is a more level playing field. I'd rather help any other (Ebay) seller instead make a few extra, than one that's buying for the sole intent of (inflated) resale to me and others who are trying to keep these cars running.

    I don't disagree with anyone trying to make a profit in general. It is after all, the American way! What irks me however, is when someone is trying to corner the market in this manner. Perhaps this is also why he feels the need to sell under a different name, than the one he uses to bid with. Must be he thinks we are all stupid, and feels this deceptive type of tactic will keep his general operating methods less obvious to the unaware. :shrug:

    I see your point Project77...but, I just have serious doubts, that the only parts he has such high markup on, are those he had to purchase in the manner which you describe. If none of us had access to the internet (including him), then I might agree with you more. Thing is....this guy isn't just traveling around buying parts at local flea markets and private auctions then selling them here for ridiculous prices... he's sniping many of them online for resale, while under the guise of being a "helpful" parts supplier to the very people that he outbids.
    BTW...I'd be fairly certain, that he's also making at least some additional profit too, on the remaining items in those "huge lot" purchases. Otherwise, he'd probably be only breaking even at best, even factoring in the huge profit on the II items....and that wouldn't be worthwhile.
  15. Thats just ridiculas to charge 200 bucks for a overflow bottle. He's doing exactly what lxxvicobra said " Cornering the market". Hey if Stumpy (The guy who makes the subframe connecters and slapper bars)wanted to he could sell those for a outragous price because no one makes them any more. But he doesn't. Sorry thats just my 2 cents
  16. I've seen pictures of Phils house, and its no mansion. The last time I saw him at a show, I think he was sleeping in the truck. Think about how many $200 NOS items he would have to sell every week to make a decent living. Week after week, after week...

    And no I don't own stock in the MII Speciality Shop. :)
  17. Think about how much he might make, and the business he might do, if he kept less inventory and sold everything he has for a more reasonable price.
    He just kind of reminds me of the new car dealers, that add on excessive premiums over MSRP on new models like the '05 Mustangs. I just think it's better business (new and repeat) for everyone (including the seller) when you make your profits using the concept of making a little less on a larger quantity of sales overall, verses trying to hit the jackpot on a few...or all.
  18. My thoughts exactly! does this guy have any other profession than selling MII parts????