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  1. That's a pretty nice car.

    I don't think Jon would want those cargo panels though, they are the early 2 piece ones.
  2. I like that black and white interior.
  3. HEHE, I wouldn't mind it too much if i knew they were mint. :D anyway, as always, Sal is on the mark again. Mine is the super long pieces. If you notice in that pic, those were repainted as compared to the material on the seats. yea, the black and white interior is the exact same as mine ( i have the cobra II door panels) but in my opinion, the white seats, etc. is more of a woman's choice rather than a guy's black or blue or red or green. It really is pretty inside and quite noticible in a car show. I see the wemon are more attracted to the car than most other cars in the shows I attend. i remember when i first bought this car and told Phil that I had a white interior cobra. he said "good luck" on finding nice white pieces for the car since the white was the first to deterioiate over time. (my luck) but the black console and dash makes for a nice combination.

    Hey thanks 74cobraiix for the thread and keeping me in mind. I appreciate it.
    Was it you that helped me in finding the NOS set of five white laced rims on ebay?

    Sal, what year did they switch to the long one piece plastic cargo panels? :shrug:

  4. Honestly I thought it was 74 only. But it may have switched in 75 sometime. I know I've seen 75s with full panels. I also think the dual panels were just with the deluxe interior. I think Cobraman mentioned the application once before.

    Oh, and having your car attract more women than men, is a GOOD thing! :D
  5. yup

    Nah that wasn't me... i dont think..? I saw the white panels and i was like "jon!!!"... are you guys just talking about the mach or all of the models.. because my 74 had the full cargos
  6. Yes,me too!
  7. only white interiored car I really like was a 66 Galaxie with a 351W under the hood, interior was all white with exception of carpet, It was really set off by the cars gloss black exterior. But to each his own, and yes I'm sure all of that visit this site know who's wanting white cargo panels. I seen a 75 or 76 Mustang II in the area with white interior, I'd like to buy the car especially if it's got a V6 in it, and paint the interior black, but if it does have cargo panels and the car is for sale i definetly let 1970Impala know