1971-73 Mustang Pictures

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  1. I am getting ready to get my '73 on the road, so I am looking for some good wheels and tires. I have seen several 71-73 Mustangs with the Bullet style wheels, which I may go with, 18" and Deep Dish in the back.

    I am looking for pictures of 71-73 Mustangs to get ideas on different wheel combinations. I have a ton of pictures I downloaded off the web that are getting uploaded to Photobucket now, so I will post when they are done. I tried searching, but the search engine doesnt recognize "71" or "1971" its too short. I would like to get a thread going with pictures of the big mustangs.
  2. I got these pictures off eBay, and other places on the internet. If any of these cars belong to someone here and they do not want me to post them just send me a message and I will take it down.

    Some with Bullets:
    (The 1st is my favorite)
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    I will post the others up later.
  3. All those wheels appear to me to be look like rims with backspacing for the SN95 mustang platform 99-04. The first are bullitts the fronts are more than likely 8" wide and the rears 10.5". In the second set of pics they are Cobra R's. I on the 69-70's you need to run a 1" spacer in the front and 7/16" in the rear. The front is for suspension clearance issues and the rear to make tem look correct with the front.
  4. I've got some pics I can share at home. I post some up when I get a chance.

  5. Here are a few pics, I'll post more when I get more time.


    & a few race cars.

  6. Great pics nickm347, Keep'em coming!
    Here are a few more of mine, I'll post some more again when I get more time.

    I had a guy from another board do this Photochop for me a while back when I was looking to buy wheels like these for my car.


    I met this guy at a local Dragstrip a few weeks ago.


    I got this pic from one of the Hot Rod Magazine sites.


    Here are 2 of my Diecast cars.


    I got this pic from board member modmach1’s website www.moldestuket.com


    This is modmach1’s Mustang (I hope you don’t mind me posting your pics up)
    These pics were also taken from www.moldestuket.com
    This car is actually one of my inspirations to me buying my 71-73 Mustang.


    This is another inspirational car for me, although I don’t know whose car this is. I just so happened to stumble across it in my search for a 71-73 Mustang to buy. The guy was actually selling it on ebay but, it was way out of my price range, if my memory serves me right his starting bid was $59,000 or $69,000.

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  7. I just found this one on some German Car show site & thought I'd post them up.

  8. Holy shyt, I'm in love!

    I've never seen this one before.... daayyyumn I'm trippin.... that car is awesome.....
    What do you know about it?
    Got any stats? if so, please post'em.

    Do you know this guy?

    Did he narrow the rear end to keep those deep wheels from sticking out?

    I've got a few more at home I can post but, I think that one tops anything else I've got.

    Thanks, Chris
  9. It was on eBay motors a couple months, or year, ago. I don't remember much. The fronts are 18" and the backs are 20". I dont think the back was more than 9 or 10" wide. I have no clue on backspacing.

    I can't figure out what wheels they are, or how wide they are either. I will look around to see if I can find info on it.
  10. Here's another photochop that guy did for me with different rims.

  11. Here is another one I found on ebay. The listing really didn’t say much at all about the car & what had been done to it, so little in fact I was thinking “scam”.

    Here is the actual description copied from ebay;
    ”1972 Mustang Fastback Mach 1
    Sorry, didn’t have time to do the detail on this one, you all know what it is. Have a look at the pics and call me with any questions, Thanks and Good Luck.”

    There are a few things about this car that I would have done different; wheel choice, lower it a little especially in the front, upgrade to disc brakes in the rear, it’s hard to see from the pics but it looks like it still has drum brakes it the front too. I’m also not crazy about the 2-tone paint but it looks like a decent paint job.

  12. I am a real BIG Drag Racing fan so, I couldn’t resist posting up these Drag Cars

  13. If you like drag racing you may like these. It is my dads drag car. he hasnt had it out in a while. Originally a Boss 351, he has a 4bolt Cobra Jet block bored .30 with a 460 crank. I forgot everything else in the engine, except the carb is over 1000cfm. Last run was mid 10s at about 130. The pictures arent that high of quality though. Either way, he is in the process of putting on some mufflers and street tires etc to get it out on the street.

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  14. Awesome, I love it!!!!!
    I want your dads car!!!

    I grew up in a frag racing family too. My dad's 1st drag car was a '67 Mustang Coupe street car w/ a little worked over 289, it was OK for a street/strip car back in 1969. That's where I got the Mustang bug from. After that Mustang my dad mostly raced Chevy because when my partents started having kids dad had to start racing on the cheap. Back then Chevy's were cheaper than Ford to fix up.
  15. I'm partial to mine :)

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  16. I’m glad someone else chimed in.

    Yes, I don’t blame you. I have a couple pics of your car from when 1st got your rims put on. These new pics look much better, the car is looking great!
    Are you taking it out & enjoying it?

    Come on you guys, post up some cool pics of 71-73 Mustangs!

  17. Not with the gas prices being what they are :( I haven't driven it in a couple months :( :(