1971-73 Mustang Pictures

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  1. Your car looks great. If you dont mind me asking, what size are the wheels/tires and backspacing? I was looking at the bullets or the fr500s for mine. Do you have any more pics of it?
  2. Heres on of mine. DSCN1169.jpg
  3. Those Mag 500s looks the best of all the wheels on this page. Most of those old school wheels look good too. All of those modern wheels just look bad.
  4. [​IMG]

    I'm running the Magnum500s on my 72. They're 14s so they are a little small. I tried a set of Torquethrust 17x8 that my friend bought for his 69 and I really liked them
  5. But I also really liked these. Older card look better with a deep dish wheel.

  6. They still look great even small
  7. They are definitely more traditional. I am considering upgrading to the Torquethrusts though.
  8. That one looks great too.
  9. Me and my son's 73