Engine 1971 Mach-1 Specification Question?

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  1. I think this is way I should be asking... Excuse a non-technical guy.

    Is the intake for a four-barrel aluminum or cast-iron?
  2. "most" from the factory, were cast iron..
  3. like woodsnake said they are mostly cast iron except for a couple special intakes. the 4v intake will not work with 2 v heads they must be 4 v heads because of the larger ports on a 4v. you can get a 4 v aftermarket intake made for the 2 v heads from edelbrok .
  4. I just spoke to my guy and gave him all the information you-all provided. He is pondering the information... Will do some pricing and get back to me.

    In chatting the subject of exhaust(s) has started... He reports single… I want dual. What determined single vs. dual on a 1971?
  5. Well, from the factory, it was an option, I believe, on all V8 cars. If you are restoring a "High value" car, then you will want to keep the car as close to how it came from the factory.
    If you have a car that came with a 302 and a C4 auto trans, like the other hundred plus thousand built, then you can build it as you like.
    What are you working on, and what are your plans?

  6. Thanks for asking.
    I had a 1971 Blue Mach-1 when I was in high-school. Now I would like one again. The one I'm working on now has been restored... To the point where the undercarriage/pans and shell is primed. Current attention to the engine. My first Mach-1 was a 351C 2-B Auto with AC single-exhaust. Statement: I lean towards the visual… Not high-performance.
    So… How far from stock should I stray? Are the concerns the value if I do?
    The visuals I would like to accomplish are 1) Dual-exhausts 2) working hood air-intakes I won’t change the auto/AC. Power is not an objective.

  7. Here's the ojective:


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  8. Sounds like you are building what you wanted back then... I would go with the edelbrock intake and a 4 bbl and keep the smaller ported 2v heads. Just because I think a 2 bbl with functioning scoops, and dual exhaust, would look odd. You could always paint the intake blue so it looks more like a factory one.

  9. That's what he said! Being technically challenged... It's hard for me to understand this stuff. Your description reads much my mechanics including the blue painting. Thanks!
  10. Did I see that you have a 351C in the car now? If you aren't out to build a race car, then I would agree, 650CFM Holley 4V carb, 2 1/2 inch pipe for the dual exhaust. I would also look into a 3.25 rear gear for a bit of added oomph. That will give you better acceleration from a stop, and still allow for some decent gas mileage. After all, people will expect some power with all the performance visuals! The gear ratio that came with the car can be found on the drivers side door. There should also be a tag on the rear diff with the same info.
  11. i like that color scheme the blue and silver goes well together. that color, the rear spoiler was also silver.

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  12. While ponding all this... What's involved to convert to:

  13. it is available,prety much a bolt on
  14. I notice two vacuum modules on the photo??? Is there a connection I need to know of? Thanks!
  15. a t fitting made of plastic that ties the two together i think it comes in the ram air kit
    mustangs unlimited sells the chamber