1973 & 1972 Coupe for Sale

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  1. 1972 Coupe
    Complete car bumper to bumper
    Car is not in running condition
    Engine is free but has not been started due to sitting for many years and not being primed
    I6 engine
    New starter
    4 Matching mag wheels
    Complete interior
    This car is ROUGH but is complete. Lots of rust everywhere. (engine compartment, fenders, rockers, trunk lid, trunk, floor pans, etc.)
    I bought this car for the parts. It is not really a car to drive, but I do have a Title.

    1973 Coupe
    Rolling Chassis
    Mostly straight body (minor dent in drivers door and trunk lid)
    Rust in trunk and floor pans (have new floor pans ready to install)
    No engine (I have one to go in it just not installed, I also have a tranny for it)
    Engine compartment has been media blasted and painted.
    This car is ready to be built
    Many extra parts for this car: X pipe Exhaust, many chrome pieces, 8.8 rear end, radiator, most interior parts, console, Probably more.
    Engine: 400FMX (basically a 351M) with a Comp Cams Cam shaft, Double Roller Chain and Timing gears, New pushrods, Edelbrock Intake manifold, Edelbrock 650cfm carb & air cleaner, Performance fuel pump (mechanical), 351 Heads, Thorley full flow headers (black), the engine bolts are all Stainless steel from Summit, probably some other stuff I can’t remember. This engine is painted black and has the motor mounts and is ready to be welded in. I also have a C6 transmission that has not been touched for this car.

    I would love to keep these cars, but I do not have time to do what I want with them. I love them too much to leave them sitting. With both cars you will be able to make one complete vehicle that will be very nice, not to mention HOT! I would prefer to sell both cars together but for the right person and offer I will split them up.

    I am asking $5000 for the complete list above which is about what I have in it BUT make me an offer. I have most of what you need to get this car going! Any questions just email, it goes to my phone and I will respond quicker than I can to a phone call.

    [email protected]
    1972 & 73 Mustangs
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.