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  1. My car is a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 which I have owned since 2003. Since I bought the car I have put on the front end of a 1971 Mustang. I have also used the 1971 rear bumper brackets to bring the rear bumper closer to the body. I bought the car off of the original owner in 2003 and he had already done a lot of modifications to it such as replacing the 1973 engine with a 1970 351C 4V and swapping in a fold down rear seat. Since I bought the car I’ve concentrated on making the car a reliable, good-looking driver and it was just painted in May. The Mustang originally came with an FMX but I first put in a toploader and then a TKO 600. The list of work and modifications that I and professional shops have done is extensive and I concentrated on doing the big things first. All I think the car needs are a few minor trim items. The engine runs 180 degrees no matter what the weather except when the a/c is on and then it runs at 190 degrees. I have built this car to be a reliable (daily driver if you wish) car that starts up and settles into idle in less than a minute no matter the outside temp; powerful yet not a pain to drive; well handling, comfortable car.

    I also have a Marti Report, the original dealer invoice, and the build sheet.

    List of work done, mods, parts.


    1970 351 4V Cleveland with SS valves and double valve springs

    Blue Thunder Intake

    Hooker super comp headers


    Holley 700dp professionally tuned-yes it makes a big difference

    Complete MSD ignition with tach adapter

    Ford Racing silicone wires

    Repop Ram Air system with K&N Filter and lid

    Classic Auto Air a/c system

    Custom 2.5: exhaust with X-pipe and Dynomax mufflers

    New radiator and hoses

    New power steering pump

    New master cylinder and vacuum canister

    New radiator overflow

    New oil pump

    New fuel pump

    New hood hinges and springs


    Steering box rebuilt by Lee Manufacturing. 12:1 variable ratio

    Rebuilt steering column and new rag joint

    New pitman arm

    Weld in sub-frame connectors

    1.25” front sway bar and 1” rear sway bar

    New Edelbrock IAS shocks

    620 lower springs in front and heavy duty leaf springs installed less than 5,000 miles ago

    Front suspension rebuilt, and all bushings replaced.

    Rear brakes done less than 3.000 miles ago, front brakes 2 months ago.

    Transmission and clutch

    TKO 600 5 speed .82

    3” aluminum driveshaft

    3.50 Posi/limited slip rear gear Less than 1,000 miles

    Centerforce dual-friction pressure plate and clutch disc, less than 5,000 miles

    Flywheel machined for Centerforce clutch

    With the Centerforce it shifts with less effort than any Mustang I have driven

    New fluid in the tranny

    Z-bar has no slop; bushings replaced and hold for clutch lever re-welded to new


    Dynamat installed

    Momo Steering Wheel

    New seat front seat covers

    JVC 4 speaker CD player with Ipod hook-up

    Custom kick panel speaker pods

    Correct tach instrument panel with correct wiring harness

    Custom auxiliary gauges

    Rebuilt steering column

    Reenmachine shift handle and nob

    New modern 3 point seat belts in front, new seat belts in rear


    New paint job, DuPont Electric Blue

    New exterior mirrors

    New stripes with custom decals

    New rear tail lights

    Front spoiler factory correct repop 3 years old

    Rear spoiler factory correct repop 12 months old

    The previous owner got into an accident in the car over 20 years ago and had the passenger rear ¼ panel repaired. When it was done a small gap was left below the door line. Thinking I was going to keep the car until I died I left it as a reminder of the previous owner- he died of brain cancer-an homage as sorts. The guy doing the paint and body told me it was an easy fix with a little body filler but I opted to leave it. And since the car is driven there are a couple of small chips in the paint.

    I am asking $21,000 for the car. PM with any questions. Thanks.

    I have done and have had done so much work to this car over the last 5 years that I am sure I am forgetting some minor details. As I said earlier I have modified this car to be a reliable, fun driver.

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  2. Damn fine car. I know you carefully selected the parts for that car, somebody will get a well sorted out Mustang. Good luck! What's in your future when it sells?
  3. Thanks, I'm sorry to let it go but circumstances say otherwise. I'm not sure what I'll do next, or even when, at this point.
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