1973 Mexican Mach 1

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  1. 1973 Mexican Mach 1. Restoring this stang, need help to find a build sheet. Can anyone help??
  2. That will be a problem ,look in the dash .There may be one wrapped around the wiring .It will be very brittle if it is there .Use a mist bottle and lightly wet it and you may get out ,but probably not in one piece.
  3. Could be almost anywhere........ or not at all. It was a random thing more related to "what do I do w/ this pc of paper we no longer need, I know, I'll just stuff it under the carpet.....". Another got tossed in the garbage. So, yeah; under dash, carpet, seat upholstery, behind a trim panel; several choices to an assembly line worker desperate for time.
  4. i found mine between the spring and seat foam on the passenger bucket. needless to say, they threw the wherever, and itll be in sad shape if its still even with the car.
  5. The best one i have found was wrapped around the in dash wiring , but i have found them under the carpet ,in the front cross member on the radiator support ,behind the door panels and in side the seat. I found one inside the trunk lid by accident when i was blowing out dust and blew it to pieces .