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Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by GrandeStang73, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. For sale
    351C Bare Block : $250
    351C 2V heads : hot tanked and looked over : $200 for the pair
    Late Model C-4 Trans: Flexplate, ARP Bolts, Torque Converter, and Shift Kit : $350
    Let me know if you need any parts for a 1971-1973 Coupe or FastBack.
    PM me and ill send pics of any parts.
    Get me some funds so I can put my 71' 351C 4V and 93' T5 swap in my 73':nice:
    These prices are NOT set in stone, buyer may pick-up or pay for shipping.
  2. What else you have that you are willing to part with? interior parts?
  3. Passenger side front seat : needs the bottom weld re-done
    Entire Coupe rear seat
    Center console
    Any pillar molding
    also have the 351C block and 2V heads
    C4 pan-fill trans with flexplate and ARP bolts and torque converter.
    Other odds and ends also, Just PM or call me at 703 309 1236.
    Aaron a.k.a Grandestang73
  4. c-4 trans

    picking up a 72 grande and it currentlyhas the FMX tranny. Plan on stroking 351 C to a 408 and was informed the FMX could not handle the extra ponies. What is the best price you can offer me on the whole tranny set-up. Please note I will have to have the items shipped.
  5. Sorry about the late reply. Bad virus going around northern VA.....:(
    I reside in zip 22192 of northern VA, and I estimate 180 lbs. for the tranny to be shipped. I'm asking $350 for the tranny,torque converter,flexplate, and the ARP bolts. See who is cheapest in shipping and your offer and I can make it happen.
  6. Do you have a pair of seat tracks?
  7. You listed an entire console, is that a full length console? WHat color and what condition? Can you put up any pics of it?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.