1974 302 Motor (apart) and 1964 Auto trans

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  1. Posting for a friend, please call the number for more info:

    302 block -D4DE-8016-AA with soild polyurethane motor mounts
    cam no scoring or heat marks but slight wear on lobes, hydraulic lifters, push rods, heads fully assembled up to rocker arms, pistons with connecting rods still attached, crankshaft no scoring or heat marks on main and rod journals, oil pump, oil pan rear sump, distributor with no cap but has the vacuum advance port on it, harmonic balancer, timing chain was taut before i removed, timing cover C8AE-6059-A has the oil dipstick and tube, edelbrock carburetor intake manifold with spacer, and the auto trans C4AP-7A105 with torque convertor flexplate and trans to engine spacer.

    MUST be picked up, no delivery.

    Asking $400

    Scott - ‎908 472 7812
  2. what state/town is it located in?
  3. Located in edison NJ.

    Give him a call, see if he still has it.
  4. ok cool. wasn't sure how close of a friend it was and if you knew off hand thats all. thanks for the info.
  5. just fyi, it has been sold.
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