1974 Fenders

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  1. are '74 fenders the same as the rest? I got a good set of fenders off a '76 that I want to put on my '74. Thanks for the help,

  2. No, they will not fit because of the 74 header panel..
  3. One thing about parts: later versions will almost always fit earlier , but not the other way around.

    Since the '76 fenders would have been used a service parts for the '74s, I'll say that they should fit, and here's why: every stang II fender I have ever seen has the small hole at the very front of the mounting flange for the end screw of the '74 forward hood seal. '74s were the only stangII that used that seal, yet every fender made had the hole. This (and years of experience in the field) leads me to believe that the header panel stud holes for the '74 (which ARE in a different place than '75 and later) are present on the later fenders. The last part number for the fenders was a D7ZZ number for all years. Automakers generally do not inventory several different versions of the same sheetmetal for relatively minor differences.

    From what I remember, there are "extra" holes in the front face of a '75 up fender, which should correspond to the early header panel stud locations.

    At worst, you'd have to drill the holes for the studs.
  4. So if i was looking for body parts for my 76..... I could put 74-75 parts on her but not 77-78? :confused:
  5. No, later means newer.

    The only real problems would be '74 parts.

    There are many differences from year to year (like '78 grilles with molded-in park lamp bezels), but most '75-78 exterior parts will interchange.

    There are lots of changes all over the car like A/C components from '76-77, seat belts from '76-77, dash bezels, and a million other subtle little differences, but the big stuff is easier, for the most part.
  6. Oh I see. Thank you
  7. Ok cool, I'll try to fit them on this weekend and let you guys know how it worked.

  8. Come on guys...74 and 75 thru 79 are the same!!I know for a fact ,I installed a 77 fender after I got damage on a fender beyong repair...Beleive me no difference.beteween a 74 and others,it is the header panel ,the hood,and the valance is different but the rad support placementis the same.
  9. Again, the later parts will work on the 74s, but the '74 fenders will need to be modified to use on a later car.

    Core supports differ in '74 as well. Try putting a '75 up hood on a '74 core support. Good luck getting a latch to work.

    And 79s have nothing in common with stangIIs.