1974 Ghia dies on acceleration

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  1. I have a 1974 Mustang II with the 2.8 v6. This car was given to me about a year ago by a friend. It is pretty rough on the outside but was told it had a rebuilt engine with about 1000 miles on it. It had been sitting awhile before it was given to me but was kept inside. I havent spent much time doing anything with it yet but the first problem I want to tackle is this issue with the engine. First of all it is very difficult to start. I usually have to pump the accelerator for quite awhile before it will start. Once running the engine sounds great, but when I accelerate from a stop it will cut out and die or almost die. Usually if I let off the gas and feather it a little bit I can keep it running. I am not a mechanic but can do some engine work if I have some direction. Just trying to get an idea of where I should start looking to solve this problem. One thing I have done is put a new diaphragm in the accelerator pump. Thanks for the help
  2. If it has the Motocraft 2bbl carb on it first thing I would do is replace the accelerator pump gasket. There about 2 bucks from the local Orielly. Follow the throttle linkage to where it attaches to the carb. You'll see a lever goinging to a little square metal cover with 4 screws on it. The gasket is behind this, if the gasket is cracked or broken when you push the gas pedal to start it or accelerate it wont pump.
  3. Possible causes:
    1: Old Gas, drain tank and clean 2: Plugged fuel filter, replace 3: Crap in carb, clean out bowl and jets.

    Since it is hard to start and sat I would definitely drain the tank and put in fresh fuel.