1974 Grille Insert?

Discussion in '1974 - 1978 Mustang II Talk & Tech' started by welder4956, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Going way out on a limb here, but thinking perhaps it might be something that came of a Mexican Mustang II. Seller lives in Cal., so maybe???????????
    Most unusual!!!!!!

    Then again...a little more rational thought makes me think it's off a '73!
  2. It does look rather long.
  3. Well, probably so... since the item also includes the headlight openings which the '74-'78 grille (inserts) did not. First glance had me thinking it may have been a full but different style header panel, and perhaps missing some trim pieces. Now that I'm more awake...it's apparent that this illusion was a sign of my early senility. :(
  4. Good point.... not a mustang II grille at all.
  5. I feel another CT :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    but it looks like a grill for a 73.
  6. Megan, next time I see William I'll smack him for ya.

    (I hope it's before Boot Camp.) :p
  7. I'm off to the auburn supermall for a stangnet meet, come on by and smack me. :D
  8. Looks to me like a 72 Monte Carlo grill. Definately not a Mustang II grill.
  9. How do I find out where these are? In advance, I mean. I'm playing in P-Square tonight, at Doc Maynard's. If you were old enough, I'd guest you in. :nice:
  10. check the NW Forum once in a while