1974 Mach I

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  1. That's not a 74, it has the thin header panel up front and the gas fill is above the body line.
  2. Thats a nice car. I agree definitly not a 74, and perhaps a Cobra rebadged as a Mach I. I notice a Cobra on the front grill, as well a rear spoiler and cobra on the side louvers. I dont believe the mach I's had the Cobra's or the Spoiler. (at least my 74 Mach I had none, and a pony on the grill.) Who's is it and can you get the buck tag #'s? (on a tag attached to the radiator support.) oops I just noticed that pic is from some supercar web-site. Interesting that it says see mustangii.net for more info... They obviously have messed up info...
  3. Yeah that's a real nice car. At the site Tobasco posted it shows it as a '76 car. Makes more sense. :p
  4. Now now boys, my car is a 74 and it has the gas cap above the body line, and the thin header panel... now either they have been swapped out, or my dash AND registration were. But it's a 74 as far as I'm concerned damnit.
  5. Care to show me your bucktag to prove it? lol :D
  6. I don't know where that is
  7. pull a fender, the vin is stamped on the inner fender
  8. You called the hand at the Poker Table.... time to lay down yer cards little miss.. :D

    I'd like to see the Vin on the title in comparison with the one on the chassis. I have yet to see a REAL '74 withthe gas cap 'above' the body line. Now I have seen the thin header panel swapped over a few times, not a big deal to do that.
  9. I'm not pulling my fenders off, maybe if I ever need to do that, I will but I have no reason too now lol My car has been wrecked alot though, so its just a matter of needing another quarter panal and swapping it out.
  10. Hi! :D The 74 issue comes again! One thing for sure, You are supposed to have a different rad support for the 74 ,some people,when they swap a v-8 in a 74 ,they change or butcher the rad support and change the front to a 75 and up style.If your front seat belt tensioners come out or the side or the seat and the rocker,and your flasher is just a tiny chrome rod instead of the big thing with the wiper switch on it !and your windshield washer switch is located on the dash ,then it must be then a 74... :D,Originality is one thing....I`m original as a person in many ways :D So i did MY car ,my way,I liked the cobra II stripping and everybody knows there is no such thing as a cobra II in 74 :rlaugh: But Ford should have done it !So I corrected their mistakes...I also like the T-5,with a GT-40 crate engine,300 + HP in a II is a must...13 inch rims look funny so 15 even 17 is the way to go in my opoinion,big brakes,sway bars,and an 8.8 rear....The most important thing is that you like your ride and you don`t build it for others....or what they could say about it! I think your car looks great. :nice:
  11. You're right Ricky D and that's one sweet Cobra you've got.
  12. Georgeous 74, :hail2: love the orange! And the wider front panel looks awesome with stripes on it! Your right, it should have been done in 74... but then Ford always Muffs that one up..the 05??? no cobra until 07 :bs: :notnice:
  13. WOW. That longer '74 panel really does those stripes some justice! Hey nice ride, Rickey! :nice: I too like the color scheme, makes it a real unique vehicle! Good Job on it. :nice: