Fuel 1974 Mustang 2 Cutting Out

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  1. i have a 1974 mustang it had been sittting flushed fuel lines put filter in new gas got running took it out a few times now she gets to 4mph and just bogs out ,i changed fuel pump still does same thing any ideas?
  2. If it's been sitting, rebuild the carb.
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  3. rebuilt carb flushed lines seems pump wont keep up so added a 4psi pump i had inline seem to be ok Question now is what pumps are yall runnng?
  4. Holley Red. No matter how long it sits or how cold it is, it starts.
  5. guess thats the next step took out today and shes still stumbleing after prolonged foot in the floor
  6. pulled tank and it was ugly so stripped tank will be sealing it replacing sending unit and wil give her another try
  7. that did it shes running better now
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