1974 Mustang Ii Rear End Questions.

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  1. Hello everyone, im sorry is this has been asked before, But i could not quite find what i was looking for.

    I have a 1974 mustang ii. I want to swap all the wheels to 5 lugs. I am ordering a front rotor kit, but i am quite confused on the rear.

    I would like to no only swap the rear end lugs to 5, but would also like to convert it to disc brakes as well. I have read around seeing the X rear axles bolts directly into Y and Z rear axles need to be modified by W to fit into Y and so on and so forth. But it all seems unclear. I am not to entirely smart with this modifying stuff.

    What would the easiest way to convert this, it could be somewhat costly, but easiest and will hold up the most. Is it to get rear axles from another vehicle? Is it to completely swap in a new rear?

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks advance. and Also just joined the forums!!
  2. just flipped through the "Thems the brakes" sticky. Post 20 links a site that offers parts/info on a disc swap for the 8" rear (assuming that's what you have...?)
  3. Well, what rear end do you have now? If it's an 8", then you could probably swap in '65-66 Mustang-length axles and drums. I think it's also possible to have your stock axles and drums drilled for the 5-lug pattern.

    The Versailles is most definitely a 9" disc-brake rear end and that's why they're sought-after. They are also very close to the '65-66 Mustang ~57.25" width and spring perches are in the same place. I had one in a '65 Mustang with a 31-spline T-Lok and 3.50s. That thing was never going to break under a light Mustang on street tires.
  4. Thanks for the clarification! I remembered they had disc rears, but that was about all I could remember and I didn't do any research before making the comment.
  5. I have a 74 musang ii coupe with a 6 3/4 rear end will an 8" from a 77 mustang ii hatchback bolt right in with no mods
  6. To the best of my knowledge, it will. I've never owned a 74, but I've swapped all sorts of things from IIs of different years and different body styles without much problem. I'll make an educated guess that this would be no different.