1974 Mustang V6 Bolt Problem In Thermostat Housing


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May 17, 2017
Ok, I bought this car for my son and it was running hot after finding it had a bad radiator cap. So we decided to swap it out. Now me, i am a mopar guy, but I have a love for mustangs; I owned a few. But i am not a ford motor guy. I can take apart mostly anything and fix it but this is driving me crazy. I loosened 2 bolt on the thermostat housing and the third one broke. I removed the housing and the thermostat was origanally all brass. Now i try vice grips with plenty of blaster: no luck. We let it sit a few days and continue juicing. Tried a small pipe wrench: no luck. now i just got done putting heat to it and its not moving. Has any one had this problem? I am open to all suggestions but I am thinking that i will be tearing the whole front of that motor down to extract it.
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Aug 11, 2013
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I've changed mine in my 2.8 and it pretty much just fell out when I scraped off the gasket. Maybe someone epoxied the bastard in there? With the 2-piece housing removed (both the front and rear housings come off) you should be able to put something in there from behind and punch it out.

Second, are you sure it's actually a thermostat you're trying to pull? People have been known to remove them on the 2.8 for better cooling. There's also a flow restrictor in there if I recall correctly, embedded into the timing cover. Hopefully you're not trying to pull that?

Worst case you'd be pulling the water pump, that's what the thermostat sits against. It's on the front side of the housing. The two sides of the thermostat housing sandwich the water pump and timing cover together. You can still get the rear housing as a replacement by the way. And the bolt-sizes you need are listed at the link below as well.


The 2.8 is a European-made (German 'Cologne v6') Ford engine (from the Capri). It's a really neat little motor but it's an oddball for sure as your first Ford! Nothing most people know of Fords (Windsor v8's) applies at all. :)
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