1975 Mustang ll Wiring Help Needed

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  1. I replaced my alternator, hooked up the negative battery cable and the fusible link going to the positive side of the starter solenoid immediately fried. Could something be wrong internally in the new alternator to cause this? Where does that fusible link wiring connect to besides the soleniod? Is a replacement available?
  2. so you didn't turn the key or anything, just as soon as you connected the negative battery cable, the fuse blew?

    I'm not 100% sure but check to see if a wire from the positive terminal is touching the body somewhere.
    I'm from the classic section and i recently replaced my alternator so this thread caught my attention, So i'm not sure how the 75 looks/ works or how its wired. but normally shorts are caused by that. and i believe replacements are readily available at the local pepboys or autozone or something... between my new 110 amp alternator and battery i have a 175 amp fuse...
  3. Does the large cable on the alternator come in contact with any part of the alternator casing?
    Could have happened inadvertantly.
  4. Would this be the fusible link powering the car or would this be the fusible link going to the alternator?

    If the link going to the alternator then something in the alternator is bad.

    If it's the car power link ... OOOooo, that sucks nuts. I hope it shorted out before it got too deep into the loom.
  5. Yep, the main lead could have rubbed through, or the insulation could have gotten brittle and exposed a patch of wire. Or, Or, ... stud on the alt could be grounding, or ...
  6. Any luck yet?