1976 cobra factory racecar???

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  1. I have found a 76 cobra that has a factory roll bar installed along with ductwork to the rear brakes for cooling and a ram air hood. Has anyone heard about a car like this?? Please let me know.
  2. I think your full of sheot, but please post pics, I am sure everybody here would love to see the car legit or otherwise. :D
  3. Pics need!
  4. Yes, there were IMSA Cobra II's But not made factory for street use. Can you give us more info? Pics? Does it have a VIN? Buck Tag? (tin plate screwed on the front radiator crossmember) Sounds cool, especially the rear brake cooler ducting.

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  5. All I could think of is maybe a IMSA Cobra II or maybe a modded Monroe Handler or :Zip2: