1976 ford mustang cobra II for sale ( ohio )

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by ryan218, Dec 28, 2005.

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  1. i have a 1976 ford mustang corba II for sale it has american racing wheels, 4 speed trans, a V6 that needs some work, the body has a custom paint job from the 1980's i am in ohio if you have an questions please feel free the ask this car will run but need some tlc in the engine ( someone who has time to mess with it) im 14 and have decided i love this car but i would like an 80"s mustang t- top hatchback, or a coveritable mustang. if so,eonme does buy this seeing on how im a minior my dad will sing it over to you. i will also trade for a 80's mustang that runs but may need body work but seeing on how this car irs worth a good amount. people i have talked to said that with the way the body and intieir is in really good shape and the only thing it needs to run it a good tune up and a new carb ( mabey ) the engine is not sized and turns freeily. a collecter i talked to told me that if i find the right buyer i could get 4,500 to 5,500 for this car. if someone can help me post a picture or tell me how and i will i got 30 or so pics

  2. Upload them to http://www.photobucket.com and posts them here by using the [​IMG] after the picture's url.
  3. im in hilliard ohio bought 5 mins from columbus ohio
  4. It would be worth a lot more with a V8.
  5. Man.... I really, really, really like that car!! Why on earth would you want to get rid of it? and for a Fox?? Throw some speed parts at that V6 or stuff a 5.0 in that II. It's too bad you live as far as you do otherwise, I'd have to seriously inquire about it. The cost of shipping the car would pretty much kill the deal any which way you put it. Oh well.....:( Good luck anyways!
  6. I wonder the status of this car.
  7. yeah sorry guys.

    i still have the car and i would still like to sell it.

    my uncle had his boss mustang brought from huston texas to troy ohio for 800 bucks plus 200 for a covered car carrer.

    yeah would be worth alot more with A V8 in some cases but i think a car is worth more money with the org. engine and transmission. for the newer cars it really dont matter.

  8. hey,

    also i would like to buy a fox body mustang with a 5.0 in it. if you have one of them let me know. i may be interested in a trade
  9. trade a 95

    I have a 95 tang i will trade for your II. ITs a V6 5 speed, After market rims and tires. Runs and drives great. It is teal green no rust, no dents and the paint shines.

  10. um you do know that this car dont run? i dont know if i would liek to trade.

    would like to just buy it? make an offer.
  11. ill see if im aloud to sell it for that, idk what my dad will say if 23 years of having the car is worth that much to him.
  12. Hey Ryan, I'll buy the car. It is priced high for a 2 that does'nt run, but I'll give you 3k in cash for it. (If it's not sold already)
    my e-mail is
    [email protected]
    I also live in miamisburg(bout 5 min from Dayton), and can pick up in next few days. Sorry if this was already added, I'm new to the whole "forum" thing, but seriosly, Ryan I want that car! I'll buy.

  13. K, David, $3,000 works for me, when would you like to come get the car? anytime works for me. tonight even if you want to. cant wait to met you :nice:

    its going to be a sad day to see the car go though :eek:

    but it's time for someone else to enjoy the car.
  14. bump 2,000 anyone. will trade for a new toy.

    mustangs only maybe a wave runner jet ski?
  15. Id like to buy this car if ur willing for me to drive down check it out and wheel and deal with u i love mustang and this is one of my favorite years i already have a custom built big block that can go into it sooo im willing to buy this thing
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