1976 Mustang Ii Flexplate

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  1. I am having a problem with the starter chewing up the flexplate. I have ordered a new flexplate from B&M they are saying part number 50236 is the correct one. It says it is a 157 tooth but I am showing I will need a 141 tooth. Will the 157 work? I am going to change the starter at the same time.
  2. The 157 tooth flexplate will not work with a II bellhousing, it is a bigger diameter than the II's 141 tooth flexplate.
  3. I found a 141 at napa. I need to return the 157 that will be here today and hopefully my napa one will be here by the weekend. Thank you for verifying this. I am just wondering if the previous owner who had a carbuerated gt motor in there used the larger flexplate and that is why it is chewing up startes and the flexplate. I will be able to lay the flexplates together and see how much bigger it is then the 141.
  4. I'm going to say if he used a later model 302, he would have had to have used a later model bellhousing. If not, then if he used the II flexplate I would hope they had it rebalanced to the later model's 50 oz imbalance instead of the II's 28 oz. My advice is to verify what engine and bell you have and act accordingly. You may have to have the 141 tooth plate rebalanced to the later model engine? Also, be sure to check engagement depth of the starter and compare it to your flexplate depth from the bell. IIRC, all Ford starters have the same tooth count, but their depths <i>may</i> be different. It seems I seen a chart somewhere with starter part numbers and what differences there were, but don't recall where it may be or what differences all of them have. A quick search on Google netted this information: http://www.bcbroncos.com/ford starters.pdf Hopefully that can get you started (no pun intended) in the right direction! :)
  5. I have both size flex plates and will have the trans pulled in the morning. I can then finally see what parts the old owner had in it. The 28 oz is what I will need it is a mid 70's block crank etc.. Thank you all for the help and fingers crossed it will be sorted tomorrow and another cobra back on the road.
  6. No luck. Turned over great a couple times and then grinding again. Still doing the same thing. I replaced flexplate and starter. Only thing I used from old motor trans was the plate in the between them. I guess that will be next weekends project putting a new plate between engine and trans
  7. I would almost guess, that he may have retained the II tranny and flexplate(Rebalanced) if so, You need to make sure the nose cone on your starter is matched to the II transmission. Ford did have a few variations of it, trust me, I had 5 starters before my combo would work. You just need the starter with a slighly longer nose cone if I remeber it correctly.