1977 cobra II full race

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  1. '84 SBF 306 c.i
    holley 770 dual feed/double pump
    edelbrock vic JR 302 intake ported and polished
    Dart 351W fulley worked heads (iron) 2.05int-1.60exh 42cc
    hooker supercomp shorties
    TRW 11.5:1 dome piston forged (w/46cc head)
    Hbeam conecting rods
    aftermarket steel balanced crank (all new main/cam barrings,pins, and whatever else needed for a complete reassembly)
    Moroso 8qt deep sump w/trap door oil pan
    Moroso high volume oil pump
    eletric water pump/fan no thermos stat. (runs at 220-230*)
    (also have a belt drive set up)
    comp cams kit mechanical lift .610-.610 cam
    hardened pushrods
    1.6 ratio comp cams roller rockers (silver)
    hardend plastic valve covers
    oil filter relocation
    MSD distributor, blaster coil, ignition controle, rev limiter controle w/3,6,7,8000 rpm pills
    complete Barry Grant fuel system. 1" braided lines, HotRod 220gph street pump, NO2 accessable connections, the works.
    fulley built AODE w/3500 verter. OD is not plugged in. (3 gears) trans ratios are changed. deep trans pan
    aftermarket lightened drivshaft with heavy duty U-joints
    B&M trans cooler
    B&M pro stick
    trans brake
    adjustable line lock
    engine block and oil pan heater (plugs into your house outlets)
    pro comp II 11,000RPM tach w/recall
    sunpro water temp gauge
    auto meter oil pressure and trans temp gauges
    full complete black leather interior
    driver and passenger 5 point harness
    8 point roll BAR
    battery relocated to trunk/hatch
    sumped fuel cell
    NO2 bottle holder
    Ford 9"--complete mosier set up. full spool, 33 spline axels, 4:30 ratio
    racing shocks, south side lift bars, new race leaf springs
    welded frame ties
    26-8.5-15 Mickey Thompson full slick.
    215-60-15 BF Goodrich Comp T/A (front) all tires are damn near brans new. pleanty of life left all the way around.
    working headlights and brake lights

    not a pump gas car. burns 110/114. with timing adjustment, exhaust installed, mabey it will run on 93. never tried it. has 12.5:1 compression, mabey more.

    the needs:
    center caps
    chrome window trim
    a better throttle linkage
    weather stripping in the doors
    the bottom half of the driveshaft saftey loop
    battery hold down
    a full exhaust installed including new headers i just got. i have truck manifolds on it now.
    for a perfect show car, it could use normal paint and body work. the paint shines real nice now.
    it could use a different hood scoop.
    it will need a different radiator hose. one with a T connector for a radiator fill.
    a new diaphram in the fuel connection where you would set your FPR.
  2. im setting an absolute resonable price at 6000$ and am accepting any resonable offers. what im trying to do is put myself back in a decent daily driver. so that means im accepting trades as well. last wednsday i went 11.1 @ 136MPH on motor. that was the only pass i made that day. fresh oil change, fresh valve lash adjustment, 8000RPM pill, 114 octain. with its forged internals, it will handle a good amount of nitrous, prolly go single digets. i havent gotten to that level with this car. over $12,000$ invested in parts.

    make offer!!!! accepting trades!!!!!!!
  3. Where are you located at?
  4. im located in the northwest suburbs of chicago. schaumburg to be exact.
  5. hello! im trying to GIVE AWAY a race car here. anyone got a cop car they can trade me? im lookin for like an '00 crown vic or something.

    i just want a nice daily driver i can drive to school in. police cars will last the longest. thats why i want one. ill take anything clean. a 4x4 with a plow would be nice. ANYTHING! some one come and kick my tires.

    im accepting ANY offer at this time.
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