What's it Worth? 1977 Mustang Cobra II

Lou Battisti

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Sep 10, 2019
I have a 1977 Mustang Cobra ll that has been in my garage for the past 20+ years. 302 V8, 4 manual with 70,000 miles. White w/Blue center stripe. I'm looking to sell it this fall. The vehicle has a few bad rust spots along the back window, on the hood and around the fuel cap but otherwise the body is good shape. As far as I know, the Engine and Transmission are good. I can't start it. There's a leak somewhere in the filler neck or gas tank so it won't hold fuel. Will be selling as-is. I thought the folks in this forum could give me an idea as to a good selling price. I included a few pictures. Thank You.


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Mar 7, 2002
Cobra IIs in similar condition to yours have popped up in our Mustang II forum Craiglist Links thread for $2000-5000 or so (with the outlier here or there priced by someone who thinks they have far more than they actually do).

If you can get it running, you could almost double that, and it shouldn't cost much to do so.

If I wasn't so broke I couldn't pay attention right now, and my driveway and garage so full of cars that I'm parking my daily on the street, I'd make you an offer on it myself, I've always wanted a white Cobra II with blue stripes (it's by far one of the most desireable Mustang IIs).