1978 Fairmont Build. How 5/16” may as well be a mile.

When Mike tries to cut the Aerocatch fasteners into the original hood, will I:

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Eaten, greased and played with my balls
yup. IRS. Weak.

Eddy Tassone found that out at 189 mph at the 2626 foot mark before deploying the parachute in a street '1300hp daily-driven VZ HSV GTO Pontiac GTO (the Monaro one).


The Warren Girder G and F CAR SWAP IS GREAT.

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CarMichael Angelo

clearly, I’ve got something going on in that hole
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Nov 29, 1999
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Yesterday was spent looking for, finding, and hopefully fixing the exhaust leaks I’ve been smelling and hearing since putting on the tiny wheezer. There was evidence of exhaust leakage at both the inlet and outlet of the wastegate.
I believe that the dome on the gate was hitting the firewall, and that was holding it off just enough to prevent a good seal.
At this point in the build, all I could do to fix that was to beat the firewall with a hammer.

* You can imagine for your own selves how that looks now.

As a measure of added insurance, I also used the same methods i usually take when extra insurance is required......
I glued it.

I started down the path towards fixing the hack job on the rear quarters..


I didnt take a before pic on the driver side, but you still get the picture using the passenger side just the same. This is only the start before I add more metal that will turn this " mudflap" into more of a little wheel flare.
If that doesn't go as planned, itll fck up hours of work. Unlike regular mud flaps that are usually screwed to the wheel well lip...I have nothing to screw to there. I had to make it attach to the inner wheel tub, which required that I make a piece that follows the inner tub, and then welded that to the flap.
The next thing I do will be the metal that transitions onto the lower quarter, and that will be where the mud flap coukd turn to crap. I’ll have to get out the freakin TIG, and attempt to weld thin gauge steel on an outside corner..( I’m bad at that). If successfu, and it don’t warp all to hell, it’ll be held on by rivets on the inside in the wheel well, and 3m double-sided tape.( hopefully)
Once I get it mocked up to the point of a good fit, smoothed and worked enough to paint, ill seal the inside quarter with seam sealer, paint the flares body color, and smooge it onto the body.
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