Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build..swell Party!! Where's The Whiskey?...we Go Now!!

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  1. Put a dryer hose on each side of that thing and it help Mike build cars. :)
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  2. Same problem, but right ear. Actually have one of the old 105 Howy casings in the garage. The bonus to hearing loss...I pulled the lanyard....worth every decibel.
  3. Danger! Warning! Danger! Will Robinson....

    Yeah,...I need all the help I can get.
  4. Oh you too?
    I was only on a gun line for a total of about 1 month out of the three years was a 13B, and in the army. My GT score kept me in Radar O'Reilly status. I was always the First Sergeant's clerk, The battery commanders driver, the detachment training NCO,battery R&U man,....whatever they needed done I was the guy.
    The one, on and off month I was out was out in the field was actually at my request. ( to get myself out of the damn office) During that time, I was being the gun battery clown ( because I had so little time working in any capacity, and all the guns had full crews anyway) and had went up to talk w/ the #1 gun crew. Had my ear plugs dangling around my neck yakking up the guys when they called for one adjust fire round. They all had their plugs in however.

    The one loud BANG!!!! Immediatly followed by my OWWWW!!!!
    Then that really high pitched ring you hear after standing too close to a car with open headers.
    Only mine lasted for hours after.

    Medical Survey Said:...............
    40% defecit at 4000hz instantly.The same frequency that the female voice occupies.

    So far that's been a really good injury.... (for the most part) ;)
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  5. LOL, one of the best stories youve told yet. When will the engine be back from the shop?
  6. LOL I love the atomic symbol.
  7. LOL....well both ears are a little down now, but I only have real problems when in a rom with a fan or when the misses is telling me something I need to remember. I figure if I can't hear it, it's likely to be something that draws my creativity away. Usually has to do with something that "randomly" arrives in a UPS box. I need to call the UPS guys, they always seem to know what I need.
  8. idk'll only be the completed bare block at first anyway. The pistons will require a .020 additional overbore, and they're still 2.5 weeks away. Waiting on the cam, hopefully it'll have the spring recommendation I'm waiting on, and I can take the head in for assembly after that.

    I'm thinking the engine is a mid-march completion at best.
  9. And that means you'll make NMRA true street in April @ Commerce, GA? I want to see this thing in person!!!
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  10. Well the single most important thing in this build showed up today via USPS. In a box that looked like it was used to club someone with w/ a bagillion stamps on it came the solid roller cam that I have been waiting a month on.
    The entire box was pasted in these 2.60 ea. stamps. I didn't count them but there has to be 50 of the things on there.
    Now, to further complicate things, US 250's don't have a roller timing chain available as an upgrade. The Australian blocked version is too wide, so It won't work either. What you have to do is get a SBF timing set, and remove one link from the chain. Then machine down the nose of the cam to allow the gear to fit, and drill the first journal for the dowel pin. After that, you have to mill .050 off the front of the crank where the crank gear would butt up against, reverse the crank gear (i.e. put it on backwards) and then figure out where the two gears would go in relationship to TDC.

    Simple s hit right?
  11. All the custom crap you have to do would stress me the hell out. I'd be sweating bullets when attempting to start it the first time.
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  12. What he said... ^
  13. Yeah but at least it's a ford motor in a ford car.:rolleyes:

    Actually, now that I think of it, you could actually call it a Mor-Ford-ite. :nice:

    That has to be where that word came from.:scratch:
  14. Holy long camshaft batman!

    At least that's what she said....
  15. You mean to tell me youre Batman??? Gotham City is in New Jersey?
  16. Stranger less believable tales have been known to exist on stangnet... Lol
  17. No MadMike post would ever be complete with out an I hurt myself........
  18. square body.... check
    turbo six........ check
    Hmmmmmm I see you're building a Gran National :rlaugh:
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  19. This car was before a Gran National,... But now that you mention it.
    It has a head manufactured for Ford by Honda,
    It has a cam manufactured in Australia.
    The Block is from the good ole US of A.

    You could say I'm building a Gran Inter-National.

    Quiet You. That was forever ago. Completely healed w/ no visible reminder that it was ever there.
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  20. So I set out today determined to get the rear end cleaned, get the gear oil in, and get it back together.

    I get my new Moser street axles installed, and start the process of cleaning the housing. After about an hour w/ various wire wheels I manage to get it clean, and smooth enough to consider painting. I keep telling myself that this is under the car, and nobody is ever gonna get up close and personal w/ it, so I let that logic didctate how good I want the thing to look. I sprayed the thing w/ a chassis black, then filled the rear w/ 75/90 Mobil synthetic, and bottoned the titanium finished cover plate back in place.
    Now before anybody asks,...let me re-qualify: Street car, never gonna be raced, never gonna have even as much as a sticky tire on it. I don't need a rear end girdle.
    Pic doesn't really show the lower shock bkts I made,......maybe that's a good thing.
    Next I got out the rear calipers that have been in a box since I originally tore this thing apart for shortening.
    The left caliper bracket had one of it's guide pins rusted solid in it, so that's garbage.
    The right caliper bracket was exactly the same.
    So off to Rock Auto I go.
    Reman Loaded GT calipers w/ hardware and brackets: 42.76 ea. (how can you beat that?) I do have to send my junkers back to them for the 50.00 ea. core charge they are charging me, but they can have them.
    I also bought new inner brake hoses for 13.00 ea.

    So no sooner did I get started, I gotta stop until the new calipers get here. But I'm at least putting things back together again.