Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build..the Hunt For 192 Degrees...

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  1. Mike congrats on the finds. Not much help as far as temp, medium and die make-up, but why don't you make your own lenses. Plexi or a similar medium should work. Candy model paint gives you your red and the "black-out" look is "in". Clear it all and your good.
  2. Congratulations. In a single day, you managed to surpass me in a build that I've had going for months. I quit.
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  3. Hurry up and start making some turbo piping. I want to see how you plumb that summa bi tch.
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  4. Ohh C'mon!! All I managed to do today was spend a grand. You've already did that months ago.

    I still have the rear coil overs to buy,.. and the m/c and brake prop valve before I can turn a wrench on the thing. Once I got that,.. Then I'll start working on it.

    Then,.... I'll pass you.

    JK,.....all it takes is money Collin.
    Long way off Scotty,..... I got a whole bunch of work that has to happen before I can even hope to start on the turbo stuff,... and another 1000.00 to spend.
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  5. Thank you, Iweegian.

    Not as easy as that sounds,... the stock tails have a shoulder that sits in the "trough" that had the adhesive imbedded. A flat piece of lexan would have a gap that just wouldn't work.

    I'll probably end up making something custom just the same. The challenge is the same now as it was two years ago when I first laid a Sawzall on the back of my mustang,........ how will it look after I've gone past the point of no return.
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  6. I am thinking '67 GT500 tails. Not sure how hard they are to find, or how expensive they are, but shape wise it seems like a good fit...
  7. Or maybe the Cougar sequential tails... :chin
  8. All three cars,.. the 67/68 GT/CS; The 67/68 Shelby,.. and the 67/68 Cougar all used the same sequential tail light,.. with only the exterior trim to differentiate them.
    The swap would be expensive,...(about 600.00) and require welding and body work. I'm trying to find a lower price solution before I commit to that.
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  9. After looking at it based on info I got from another thread,... I decided to try a set of Fox tail's.

    The problem for me is,.. they will look like they are in fact fox tails.

    I'm trying to minimize the fabrication involved in this process, but that appears frugal. The fox tails have a slight curvature to them across their length, and are squared off at the side where they butt up against the quarter, Stupid Fairmont tails are not curved, and the mating surface at the quarter is cut on a diagonal. Mustang tails look to be 6.5" tall, Fairmont looks to be 8".
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  10. From your description, it sounds like you are going to have to make a filler plate. Acrylic plastic sheet is easy to work with and it could be the solution. Cut and shape the outside edge of the acrylic blank to fit the mount for the Fairmont taillights and cut and shape the hole in the blank to fit the Fox taillights. Paint the blank whatever color you like. If you don't like the idea of leaving the acrylic filler plates on the car, they can be your pattern to make some out of sheet steel or whatever else you might choose.
  11. how about somwthing on the lines of a Caprice or Bonneville light

  12. I think I found my new sig,,,, lol
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  13. The problem w/any junk yard light is that they probably would be as bad as the crusty junkers I already have. If I go through the hassle of converting the tails to something different I wanna be sure that the parts sources offer new quality for my sweat.
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  14. though you were missing most of your lenses?
  15. :shrug:
    is'nt that the solution to all our problems?
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  16. do the standard Fairmont lights fit? I've got a buddy with a few, he likely has some spares
  17. No, Futura tails are significantly different than a box top.
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  18. i am, but even the substrates are crumbling.
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  19. Okay,...actually bought Fox tail lights this morning, and w/i an hour, cancelled them. I just don't think I can make them work and look like they belong there.

    Shelby tail lights, that is a different story.

    I hate that after spending all that money Saturday, I'm gonna have to pony up another 500.00 for a set of stinkin tail lights,..but that seems to be the way things go w/ me.

    Tomorrow,..I'll order them. I gotta make the entrire rear panel to accomodate them outta sheet metal,..but that will afford me several solutions to several dilemmas:

    #1. I effectively replace an obsolete part w/one infinitely more available.:nice:

    #2. I "fix" the retarded crap the ford design engineers screwed up w/ filler strips and foam inserts.:nonono:
    #3. I get that really cool sequencing action that comes w/ all Shelby turn signals.
    #4. Mike gets one more notch on the "unique" totem pole.:banana:
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  20. Love it. Hope you make it a super sleeper.