Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build..the Hunt For 192 Degrees...

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  1. Yeah,...looks like he's clamoring to do it for me:rolleyes:
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  2. A good day.

    According to the MikeMatkosky dictonary,..a good day is anyday I get off of work at noon.

    Today was that day.

    With weather threatening to downpour at sometime in the "later afternoon" I set out to accomplish several things before I got wet.

    #1. Get my rusty assed extreme subframe connectors to my friend for sandblasting. At the same time, pick up four free 12" x 14" pieces of 1/8' plate, courtesy of the same friend.
    For the few paying attention,'ll remember that I bought a supposedly running engine from a salvage yard,...and when tearing that engine down revealed deeply scored cylinder walls,...( So deep,..I'll have to sleeve the block to restore the cylinders to standard). When I called the salvage yard to let them know that the 300.00 I paid for a running engine seems high,..given that the engine would've been a smoking dog had I ran it, they assured me,..they'd make it good.

    I called them on that today.

    #2. I don't know how much a complete 90 mustang dash and console is worth,..but in the grand scheme of things,..given the G-monsters' dash looks like ass,..a decent dash that'll fit my monster w/o any modifications seems like it's worth alot. I had to pull it, which is a good thing, as I also got to get the A/C plenum, the complete wiring harness, E brake handle, and all the bolts, screws, and brackets.

    All while the sky kept threatening to rain biblically on my ass.:oops:

    I managed to get it all out, and in my truck just in time for the monsoon........I'm only "wet with sweat".:cool:

    #3. When I get home,...My friends at USPS, and UPS have left presents for me. USPS has left me my UPR upper and lower control arms,...UPS has brought me the fuel line and fittings from Summit I asked about on another thread.

    The build quality of the UPR control arms has made me a believer,...I'm happy I invested in a good set. The 3/8" alum line and related doo dads?........ Meh,'s trivial stuff,..nothing to get all misty about.

    The dash is gonna have to be another thread, as I'm thinking about altering it. I was kinda thinking I'd do away w/ the stock gauge housing,..and make a custom piece. Again,..I wish I could draw,..and I'd have a sketch to work off of.

    But I can't,...and I don't, I won't.

    I'll just have to wing it.

    Now I gotta take a shower,..and wash the junkyard off of me.
    I actually grabbed a blanket out of another cars' trunk to lay on when I skinked under the Mustang to disconnect the e- brake handle.
    A blanket,....out of a trunk,...from a car, in a junkyard.

    I'm Cootified!!!:runaway:
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  3. done booger eatin before noon, you fast
  4. Sorry guys... been busy as hell as of late.

    What are we talking about?
  5. Apparently cooties and boogers.

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  6. I liked the gauges you put in the red fox, granted they fit the theme. Anything but the digital gauges will be an upgrade from stock fox gauges IMO. I personally like the look of the Florida 5.0 gauge clusters with your brand choice of aftermarket gauges in it.
  7. Actually,......the Booger eatin' part is more of a past time than an occupation, there really isn't a time clock tied to that.
    We were talking about you helping to conceptualize an idea in my head on paper,...... how you'd get in my head to be able to draw a picture of it is beyond me.
    All that writing,..and all you get out of it is the Booger eatin' part?

    And finally,.......

    Sorry,.. but I'm Firmly in league w/a digital gauge option this time as a "on purpose" design choice. Last car, that digital panel was because I had it, didn't fit the theme of the car,...and the Auto meter replacements cost me 1200.00.

    This time around,..they are part of the design,...the theme of the car will be built to accommodate,..and they'll cost me a little more than one third of the auto meter pieces.

    The innovate wide band is digital,..the speedometers use GPS instead of a trans speed sender,..its all too cool.

    You lose.
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  8. better update your profile, your job turned into a hobby and I assumd your hobby is more like a job? :D

  9. I know,...It's one of those doctor told me I needed to change my diet.
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  10. the dr that neutered you? Don't trust that guy
  11. I did that to myself, says that in my profile too.
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  12. yep, thats the guy i was referring to! CHEERS
  13. I'm not much of an artist if that's what you mean. Sure, I do some digital editing once in a while but I see dudes on here that blow away anything I've created.

    I'm trying to remember... We had/have someone in the squeaky that's pretty good at that stuff. :chin

    Getting into your head is the easy part: Cynical, dry humorist, with bouts of eccentric grumpy associated with going against the grain. Pathological re-discoverer of past commons and re/creator of the classic in-ordinary. :nice:



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  14. Uhh,....nooo,...not what I had in mind. But I appreciate your insight,..I'll save the pic for a reference in wrong.
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  15. View attachment 83968

    ZOMG! That screams "Fairmont dash!"
    It's retro, yet high-tech. I'd say he got in your head Mike.
  16. Be quiet, know nothing.

    That dash was bad in the 80's when it was obviously built. The only thing that dash screams is:


    As far as getting in my head..............I'll give credit when its due........
    ck out my signature. Pure Noobz.
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  17. ^ That car was for sale in my area ~ 6 months ago for $ seemed to be on CL for a long while. Sweet car though.
  18. The key to my happiness with regard to choosing to build a turbo'd six banger was supposed to arrive Saturday. For whatever reason, it didn't. I had to go to the post office to pick it up, and after I got home, tore open the box to reveal my most recent aluminum prize.

    Behold the Aussie Crossflow:

    I picked up the just recently steam cleaned 250 block this morning, right after getting the head. Despite the fact that for the most part the head looks like it belongs there,....removing that head, and throwing a crossflow head gasket on the US block reveals something a little different:

    On the left side of the pic,..the 5 holes have no provision in the block for the water to pass into. (You have to close those holes up in the head by milling and installing freeze plugs.) The Right side requires a 1.25" wide x 1/4 inch thick plate be bolted to the side, and the remaining gap filled w/ a really good epoxy. Once done, the cast iron has to be ground away to accommodate the push rods. This head uses a 351 Cleveland canted rocker setup,..and the intake pushrod evidently hangs way the hell out there, hence the need for the block mangulation.
    For me it's no big deal,..I am not the least bit concerned about it. The area that needs all of the grinding only seals the oil splash that would be in that push rod tunnel, in the grand scheme of things, should be a piece of cake.

    I am concerned about having to close off the water passages on the other side though,..that is the exhaust side and I'd just as soon have water moving through the head there too. I've already scoped that out too,..looks like I'll be able to tap into the head from outside in the 5 places,..and create a "water rail" w/ a bunch of AN tees so that the water can move through that side of the head as well.

    I also tried to mock up the front tire,...and put a SN 95 spindle,....hub,..and rotor together only I didn't have a spindle nut to hold it all tight. Trying to hold a tire tight against the hub while at the same time checking for potential tire/fender interference issues while moving it through it's turn radius proved frugal. I had to go the parts store to order a set,..they'll be here tomorrow.

    Regardless,'s gonna be really close. I think the tire will be all over the outer inner fender in a bump when in a corner,..the wide body option is still rearing it's head.
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