Build Thread 1978 Fairmont Futura Build..the Hunt For 192 Degrees...

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  1. I know Mike and we love your volunteer work, keep it up.
  2. Maybe not... It's very near the same color that appeared on the 1981 Toyota Celica, too. o_O


  3. My sister had a Celica GT, I thought it was cool but after seeing those pictures now it was pretty hideous. I almost bought a 1985 Supra GT back in 1987, loved that car (before the new body style).
  4. Used own one just like the bottom one. Lived in a one estimate state and the dude that hit it was jerk. Took it to the most expensive place that I could find, that didn't total the thing out. Let me tell ya, the paint job that they did was something the factory could only dream of at that time. I never could make the rest of the car look that good. :nonono:
  5. Nope, supposed to be 16 gal according to the car specs. (to tell you the truth, I've never kept a stock one in one of my cars,.they always got thrown away, so I actually had to look it up)
    I'm starting to not like the brown idea.:nonono: And stop putting your rice on my plate.
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  6. What about chrome yellow, or the yellow from the car you are using as a model? i think that looks great with the black wheels.
  7. I can't abide using the yellow that is presently on the car, looks like it was applied using a Windex bottle. The paint luster is the polar opposite of the term "a mile deep"

    I will catch flack for re-hashing this idea, but I have started to re-consider using Dupliclor paint shop lacquer as a base coat again. The logic is that it's......well lacquer. I can buy it a qt at a time for the under hood and jams,...and buy an entire lot specific gallon (to insure color consistency) for the rest of the car when that time comes. I can spray it w/o top coating it, wet sand, and recoat it when ever w/o detriment,..and when I want to protect the finish from solvents,..I can clear coat it w/ a polyurethane clear.

    I can buy Chrome Yellow, or more appropriately named Burnt Orange Metallic, Emerald, or lime Green Metallic, and or one of three different candy colors,...all in a 23.00 dollar premixed qt. There are also solid colors available like black, or white that would be perfect for a panel at a time paint job. I know that there is a chance that I'll have a color mis-match if I don't buy a whole lot quantity,...and I may invest 120.00 in 4 qts just to dump them all in a 1 gal container for later.

    I may just say what the hell,..and paint the engine compartment in that stuff,... I have 3/4 gal of the clear from the Cobra
    paint left,..:chin
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  8. As I was looking at the ugly shades of brown that were posted by a couple people(BTW, I absolutely HATE brown), whether on a BMW, MB, or 81 Celica, the same thing came to mind....."It still looks like $h!t...literally." Then the idea popped into my head. You SHOULD paint the car brown and name it '$h!t Storm'.:rlaugh: Just a thought...or brain-fart. :shrug: You can thank me later. ;)

  9. ...and let's see. That car is now, where? :ban:
  10. Owned by somebody else, content to have "another one of the same".

    It woulda ended up killing me in the end, so it's all good.

    I could only take the monotony of owning a "me-too" new edge for soo long......I just didn't want to go out of this world as a result of being "bored to death." ;)
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  11. Maybe a derivative of:

  12. I can see making that work Noobz ( without the running horse, or the pace car decal of course)
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  13. Yeah, it's a nice color scheme without requiring anything exotic to do it with.
  14. +1 for pace car colors
  15. Can't do it. I don't want to sacrifice my plans for my interior colors. I WANT to use saddle colored carpet in the interior, and silver and brown don't mix.
    Although it'll be waay different inside than this pic, I want the same color inside.
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  16. Just got my email quote back from Crow Cams in Australiia. I gotta admit that it was waay lower than I was expecting,..but it's still 330.00 shipped for a hydraulic, flat tappet camshaft. ( about twice what I'd have to pay if I kept the thing all US,..and used that junky cast iron head that I'm modding for the 200)

    I'm buying junk left and right, but I'm torn.

    I have to get the (current) 3.3 L running as a fuel injected guinea pig, so I can get the Megasquirt F.I dialed in before I can even hope to turn my attention to the Australian headed 250. The reason for dicking w/ the 200, and going through the ordeal involved to convert that head so I can fuel inject it is solely because i want to be sure that once started,..the 250 will be able to run at 2000 RPM w/ no interrupution during the 20 minute cam break in.

    I got my cam recommendation for the Ozzie engine,..I could just put that on a back burner,...and let it simmer while I go about putting the car together and buy it in 6-8 months when the engine becomes viable,..or I could just buy it, and be done w/ the only obstacle that stands in the way to making it work.

    There is just sooo much stuff that needs to be done,....I pulled that 40 year old dog out of the car so I could clean up the 1/2" thick layer of burned on, caked on, dirt and grease, and remove that stock head in preparation for the cast iron Frank-N-Head I'm cutting up. It was single handidly the greasiest, nastiest, biggest PITA to try and get clean. I worked on it for 2 hrs, and it's still mega dirty.

    The car keeps going backwards, as I remove more, and more junk off of it. The rate I'm going, it's becoming a multi-year project. Now I'm contemplating smoothing the engine compartment in preparation for the color I've decided to paint it.

    Candy Apple Green.
  17. I'm not a fan of green but Candy Apple Green sounds NICE.
  18. Green will look good with a saddle interior. As you pointed out, I am hardly just leaving my little truck alone as a winter beater. I am considering more and more to clean up the engine bay... I really need to stop reading your posts.
  19. This is not gonna be another one of your "Mike's a bad influence" moments is it?
    Just tell yourself that it was your idea.

    I am gonna paint the engine compartment in that color as a test....I am just wrestling with the choice to leave the frame rails, and small holes (as opposed to welding everything shut) as typical with most smoothed engine bays.
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