Build Thread 1978 Fairmont : You don’t even know...


like kicking myself in the junk
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May 8, 2006
Mike, I'm going to try and be polite, but it's come to my attention that you've become a bit uppity. Your expectations of wastegates sealing, fluid fittings not leaking, and relays not melting has been painful, but accepted because we like you. However, your latest rant screams privilege beyond that any social justice warrior could handle. Think, now you're expecting a manufacturer to have customer service, a retailer to actually have a clue..........and you want round wheels? Wait, not just true circles, but actually what you custom ordered? It's just too much. Next you'll want gasoline without water in it, or oil without metal shavings. Pull it together.
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CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
In the 7 1/2 years that ive owned the Monster, I don't think I've ever had a better day than the one he and I had today.

I take my tire to the wheel dealer to have it mounted, he tells me to give him 45 minutes. I needed to do some other stuff, so when I get back, the guy at the counter tells me to pull around to bay 1, and he'd have his guy load up the wheel/tire.

The first words out of the guys mouth that mounted the wheel said that he didn't think he'd ever had a wheel run more true than the one he just put in the back of my truck.

"i barely needed to add any weight".

A good start. I park the truck, and go inside to pay. The counter guy says " you're good to go"..


"Yep you're all set."

Are you sure? I ask..he says yep,.

Wheel pro's Zero Invoiced the wheel.

Let me repeat that..The wheel was free.

Now, we just went from good, to great. :banana:

I go home, finish the wiring, remove the drag radials, and put the street tires back on.

And me and the Monster go for a cruise.

Once warmed up, I start to roll into the throttle and all hell breaks loose. Smoke's rolling off the rear tires, I shift into 2nd it starts to drift,.I lift.....and it snaps back into say were going about 60-70.

I decided to cool out and cruise for a minute..I turn down a four lane, run 1st gear to about 30, shift into 2nd and mat the thing...

Hello there Smokey the tires....fancy meeting you guys here..(from a 30 mile per hour roll, in second gear.)
I run the engine to probably 7000 rpm and stuff it into 3rd..and lift.

You should see the faces of the guys coming from the other direction..

I mean after're on your way home from work, and here's this orange boxy thing coming on at you like a freight train with smoke just pouring out the ass of the thing...

Im thinking that That might just cause a few angry/bewilderd/curious gawks from ol dude passing by the other way in his S10 pick up.

No turbo drain leak. No external exhaust leak at the gate, no drips, no runs, no fouls.

Just pure Japanese heathen.

I tried to auto tune it. I Tried to data log it. But my POS refurb laptop has a short in its lid, if you even touch the damn lid after its booted it'll force a restart. Putting the thing in the seat, and it getting forced backwards under its own weight caused it to shut down twice..

Im gonna have to buy a new one.

But, considering I have an absolutely free 2nd pair of matching wheels..I consider that an acceptable expense.


I do believe that ive never been happier with this thing till today.


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Jun 21, 2017
Glad to see it! Hope it was worth the trouble and you don't sell it! Absolutely impressive


If you're the village idiot what's that make me?
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Nov 29, 1999
Mike that post made me smile , I’m so glad to hear you finally were able to enjoy your labor

CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
That's what we like to hear. Who needs traction? That's no fun
that’s what i’m sayin. Whether or not it’s actually fast, the important part for me is that it is now fun to drive to the point of being scary/dangerous.

My kind of “ necessary items in order to justify keeping a car”.

Now all I gotta do is find out how to make the turbo flutter.
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CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
The noise I want it to make is actually not good for the turbo, and i’d have to get rid of the bov. Aand if I still had the Chinee turbo, I’d consider it. but now that there is 1000.00 sitting on the exhaust header, not gonna happen.

But, it is “ the sound”


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Dec 6, 2005
Marietta, Ga
I'll be honest here, I had no idea what turbo flutter was or what it sounded like. But in my mind it just screamed that there would be something wrong if it fluttered, like a valve wasn't sealing or something. Getting rid of a BOV makes sense in that regard I guess. But after listening to some of that video and what it actually sounds like, I think it sounds like something is completely wrong with those cars. Maybe it's the "in" thing for turbo people just as the negative camber thing is for tuners. It's kinda ridiculous and not so good on parts. I don't understand why that would be considered cool unless you like spending money on stuff over and over again.......wait......nevermind..... :hide: