1978 King Cobra Mustang II restoration

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  1. I have a 1978 King Cobra
    I'm looking to have some serious work done on it and eventually completely restored.
    I was trying to find someone who has had one restored before and see if I can get some more info about it:
    What was actually done (ex. was it built from the frame up, did it have major components and had primarily cosmetic work done...etc) and approximately how much it cost.
    I know these parts are really hard to find and I know it's going to cost a fortune but I was hoping to find an actually ball park estimate.
    I know these answers are really time consuming but PLEASE if you have any info that could help I would appreciate it a lot.
  2. Wow. That's not cheap but a lot less than I was expecting.
    Where are you located? Would you ever consider doing a job like this for someone other than for your own personal car?
    I'm so desperate to get this car in shape. I don't trust any shops or dealerships #1) to do what they say I "need" and #2) to not screw me over. I've already spent thousands on this car and feel like it should be a lot further along than it is considering what I've spent. Let me know what you think.
    Thanks again.
  3. I'm out here in Utah, my cars are not perfect restorations, they are basically fix what's broke, and make it look nice. No frame off, no full rewire, no new guages, etc. so I'm not sure you would want me to do it for you. Plus It takes me a long time to do one, (I guess much of that is due to Money) I don't know what you would want exactly but post up pictures of your car, problem areas, engine, and let's see what you have to work with. I'd be happy to help out.
  4. Cost will depend on what all you want done to it and what kind of shape it's in. Like Mstng2 said, post up some pics and your thoughts. There used to be quite a few knowledgeable people on this forum, if they check it out every once in a while I am sure you will get answers!!! :)

    As for mine, I did a complete tear down and reassembly. It was a chore for sure, but I know every inch of the car. If you are looking into starting a job like that, be prepared to spend some coin. Engine work and paint/body will be the 2 money pits. I don't even remember what I have in my engine, but 12-13 years ago, I picked up 2 replacement quarter panels for something like $90 each. Paint and supplies cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1000, maybe a tad more. I had a friend replace the quarters, do minor body work and paint it. I think I paid him about $2000 for his time (he was charging me $12/hr iirc). Labor on striping was free as he had a buddy who owed him a favor. I did all the reassembly myself with family members helping me with the things that are just too big to handle alone, ie replacing the hatch, doors, etc. That might give you a ballpark figure if you have friends that can do the work that you can't....
  5. I used to own a '74 Ghia hatch back in the day. My current experience with builds/rebuilds indicates that depending on the condition of the car your finished product could easily end up between 15-20,000 for a full on show car do-over. Also, it will take time .... a great big whole bunch of it. Good luck with your II.
  6. Jordan,
    Best guess I bet you are looking at around 10-15 K and as everyone else says it is dependent on what you want done.
    Mild restore, take care of the rust ( if any) replace worn damaged parts,
    Full restore-Same as above some attention to detail but not concours quality
    Concours Restore- Perfect restoration to Show room quality Replicate any grease pen marks, restamp houses etc.
    And then you can get into custom builds, bigger brakes, different suspension etc.
    If you are just looking for a full restore I might be able to help you. Just depends. I have a 78 Mach 1 on the rotisserie now. and my king is next.
    I will send you a PM with my info.