Progress Thread 1978 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. Electric power steering in a fox. Talk to me about Coil packs..

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This last 25% is foreign territory at this point
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Nov 29, 1999
Probably finally got it done and doesn't need us anymore. He's really been draggin ass on this thing


Drop into my dm’s gurrrrrl
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Feb 22, 2007
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My guess is the stuff he has been doing isnt really pic worthy yet, and he is waiting until he has accomplished something in full to post. He is pretty good about always having pictures or videos for us to laugh at, make fun of, or have to turn our computer screens six ways to understang what the hell he did.

CarMichael Angelo

clearly, I’ve got something going on in that hole
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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al

We're all wondering what Mike has been doing?

"Hmmmmm,.....Wonder what mike has been doin for the last two weeks"?

That what we're collectively thinking?

Just getting back from a week of self admitted Psycho-therapy,..that's what I've been doing.:confused:

To start this off, let me say that all of the work i do to my car is first "judged" by me after I'm done before I post pics of the progress.

I've said it before to a few others, that I hold myself to a quality standard based on a 0-100% gradient, usually settling for 80% as my goal. If it ends up better than that,..then yea for me,....but I'll never let it slide by with less.

In keeping with the above, most of the pics I post are censured to hide/obscure any unfinished work that may be in the frame. I'm not the type to post an OMFG shot,...and then qualify it as "a work in progress"

So now for the "meat and potatoes" part of this thing.

While my boy @hoopty5.0 has been busting his ass trying to get his engine compartment ready for paint, I've been on a parallel course, doing the exact same thing. two weekends ago, after spending about 24 hours of pretty much non-stop welding, grinding, filling, sanding, priming,sanding,filling, priming blah, blah,blah.....
I was looking at an engine compartment that was at my standard. All I needed to do was glaze a few remaining pits, dinks, and scratches,..and that dude would be ready for paint.

I go to my paint cabinet, and grub around for some spot putty, and come up w/ what I thought was the old red paste junk you could buy at Autozone, made by Bondo. Only my stuff was white, not red.

I didn't know how old it was, and it had no written application instructions on the side, so I put a small dab on my finger,and rubbed it together to see if I could get it to dry, and it seemed like it did. so I started applying that stuff to every imperfection I could find in the bay. I went beyond my 80 percentile,..I filled every nick and chip, I filled the corner radiuses,..I leveled out every transition,...I went all ape sh it with this stuff. I left the car last Sunday to dry before a final 320 wetsand.

Then it hit me about one hour later.

I was supposed to add a hardener to that "spot putty".

See,... Despite the similarity to the red junk that I was talking about above,..I had confused spot putty, typically being "one part" and usable straight from the tube, w/ this two part GLAZING putty actually needing to have a catalyst to harden before application.

And now it's all over every nook and cranny you can have in an engine compartment,..and it's had an hour to dry,'s not dry.

The only way to remove it was to wash it off w/ lacquer thinner. And when I washed the putty off with thinner,...I washed off the high build primer right along with it. In effect, I ruined 3 days worth of prep, and now have actually made it worse to repair.

It was immediately following this realization,...that the mental break occured.

I went from Mutley Cussing, out right Turrets yelling every time the removal of the not dry putty tore out hunks of primer right along with it. After looking at my engine compartment now devastated by the very stuff I thought was gonna perfect it....I throw in the towel and say F ck that engine compartment.

That mental state lasted for three more days,...until I started back on the damn thing. Now it's back to a state close to where it was before the application of the finishing putty.

And it needs it.


Sorry,..the Turrets thing still rears it's head occasionally.

The weather will be perfect for painting this weekend, and I have my paint. A real sho-nuff hardened satin black kit from Ditzler that will continue up onto the cowl.

I tell ya. I know I need to add hardner to this putty now,...but I really want something that will sand even easier than it. Should I just suck it up,..and use this stuff,...or should I use something else? Remember, is Saturday,.. I cannot get anything better that what is available at mist auto parts stores.

If everything goes OK,..then it should be painted today. You'll get the pics then, you'll get the pics then, you'll get the pics then:doh::dammit:

CarMichael Angelo

clearly, I’ve got something going on in that hole
SN Certified Technician
Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al

For better or worse, it's done. As stated earlier I give this work a 70. ( Below my standard, but acceptable)
For one thing, The primer lied to me. It said that the panels were "good enough".

The black paint told me they weren't even close.

I dry sprayed the right front fender apron, so it has texture equivalent to bed coating ( shoulda just spray bombed the damn thing with that sh it.) But I didn't.
I didn't spend enough time w/ a block, and used way too much scotch brite and my hand instead. The results don't show up in the pics,..but if you were standing next to me,'d see it.

Hopefully the obnoxious 6 banger sitting in the middle will take your eye off of the engine compartment.

This is hardened stain black paint,...and it should be much more durable than anything that comes out of a rattle can. After a couple of days,..I'm gonna start bolting junk back on i.e M/C,..K member,...struts,..spindles, brakes all stuff I've had sitting waiting for this step to be done.




The paint is still curing in this photo, and hasn't flattened yet. It's not tacky per se' but I wouldn't touch it just the same. You'll notice all of the white specks on the paint,'s dust.
The neighbor decided that now that there's paint fumes and a cloud of overspray floating out the over head, that now would be the time to fire up the riding mower, and then run over every mound of bare earth he has in his yard. I'm thinking that once it's dry enough to handle, this stuff'll wipe off,....but then again....... it could be stuck just the same. (which will be par for the course on this particular job).
On a more positive note,...

Ck out the bottom of the radiator saddle.

There's something to be said about buying a car from an octogenarian,......saddle is perfect as the day it left Dearborn.


So the stupid sh it is done. No more lying under the car grinding, welding, painting.
Tomorrow you get to see what I did to attempt to cool the water that will circulate through the A2W intercooler.
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