1978 Mustang II on front page!!!!

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  1. This is my friends 1978 Mustang II. Me, my Dad and him restored it all last winter. The motor was bad, so we found an ORIGINAL 302 from 1978 with 476 miles on it....still has the factory wires, and stickers all over it!! He took it to Woodward Dream Cruise 2007 and he got its picture on www.mustangii.net
    The Shelby is my Dad's then my friends 95 GT, then my Cobra, then my buddies 03 GT vert.

    Here are the two links....


  2. hideous...but cool
  3. nice job

    I'm sure it's a nice restoration but those have to be the ugliest Mustangs ever made. :nonono:
  4. sorry the 70-73 mustangs are FAR more ugly.
  5. it takes a special type of person to really love the II. with that being said he probably has one of the nicest ones i have seen other than the color choice.
  6. I like them. My dad had one when I was little. That one looks nice good job.
  7. my dads 76 Cobra II has been sitting since 89 :sad:
  8. very nice! but the whole original thing kinda goes out the window with the pony's
  9. Are you crazy? A 70 Boss 429 is the best looking stang made back then!
  10. Thanks everybody! He really enjoys the car. He had one back when they were new, but it was a 4 banger. He looked high and low for 1 year for this one. It was an original 302 car too. The only thing we did that isn't original is

    Took off the ugly body side moldings and welded up the holes

    Painted most chrome trim....black...finishing the rest this winter.

    Replaced headlights with euro clear ones without prizms.

    Added Pony wheels because the 13" wheels weren't cutting it!! We are painting the wheels this winter as well...Darker grey than original.

    He has also added new shocks, radiator, UCA bushings, trans mount and tie rods. The car ride unbelievable!!! Everytime he replaced a part it got even better.
  11. Mustang II's are without question the "ugly ducklings" of the group, but I think it's pretty cool to see one in that shape.
  12. Love em

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  13. They don't look near as horrific as everyone claims them to be. The front bumper looks kind of out of place on them but other than that i think most of the lines flow pretty well together...
  14. Nice car.
    I love the Mustang II's.
    My first Mustang memory is of my aunt's '78 Cobra. It had a v6 and 4 speed.
  15. my first car was a 74 mustang II four banger four speed. it wasn't fast but it was fun an better than most high school kids drove back in 82. my one good friend was stuck with an dodge omni, made the duce look down right hot.

  16. He's thinking of the 71-73.

    Sorry, No, it Wasn't.

    That honor goes to the Black '69 Mach.
  17. no leave the 70s out of it cuz the 69s and 70s were bad ass, but 71-73 werent that bad.....the reason i say that is my dad had a really nice 71 boss 351 back in the day....but the 74-78s are the ugliest ever
  18. AHHHHHHHHHH!! Actually I to was talking about 71-73. A tan Boss with black accents and front spoiler!
  19. thats the exact color combo my dads was before it was painted in 83

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  20. Hardly ever see ANY Mustang II's around, anymore, because I guess everyone out there keeps stealing the front spindles off 'em for use in hot rods and whatnot... :shrug:
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