1979-1993 polished pulleys 89.95 free shipping!!!

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  1. just my opinion ... but I think someone should offer a pulley set that comes with a crank underdrive pulley, a waterpump underdrive pulley, but instead of giving us a underdrive alt. pulley switch it up to a overdrive alt pulley... almost every 87-93 mustang owner worries about charging problems after installing pulleys... I've got two underdrive alt. pulleys just sitting around ... had to buy a overdrive from summit. Can't get rid of these things .... they go for about 2 bucks on ebay... people would be better off just ordering the two pulleys and keeping there stock pulley on there ... cause who wants a overdrive pulley for there alt..

  2. march power-and-amp pullies. they'll actually increase charging at idle. i had a set of stock pullies on my car and a 3g alternator(200amp version) and was only seeing 12.5v at idle.. i tossed on those pullies and it jumped to 14.5v at idle