Expired 1979-1993 Stock Items, Great For Restoration.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Selling the last of my Mustang parts, fits all V8 from 79-93, some items only fit 89-93 cars.

    1 K&N Conical Filter 10 in

    1 Throttle Body (stock) with Throttle position sensor

    1 Throttle Body (stock) complete- with EGR spacer, throttle position sensor, air idle motor, hoses, brackets etc.

    2 FL 1A oil filters (new)

    1 ECU- the ECU code is E5ZF-12B567-AA
    Its for a Manual trans car, not Auto, it says 5F26S on the back, and 5f19 TSAD on the main connector

    MISC items
    1 K& N breather cap, chrome.
    1 Gas Cap
    1 Brake or Clutch pedal stock rubber cover.
    1 Headlight switch, no fog light...

    IMG_6323.JPG IMG_6324.JPG

    Please make offers on any of the items, I'm flexible on pricing, shipping to be determined based on your zip code.
    PM with any interest or questions.

    Location is Bloomfield N.J.

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  2. A harness and meter and you'd have a mass air conversion. :nice:
  3. Whats the code on the ecus? You can text me 630-746-5153. I am interested.
  4. I'll text you later this evening, will check when I get home from work... thanks.
  5. If anyone wants a single item, Please PM with an offer. Thanks
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  6. INJECTORS ARE SOLD!! thanks ZACH! :nice:
  7. STOCK MAF and F3ZZ ECU sold, thank you ED :nice:
  8. What's the catch code for the E9ZF? I'm looking for an A9P (auto) ECU for a project.
  9. The ECU code is E5ZF-12B567-AA, the outer box had the incorrect # for this ECU.

    Its for a Manual trans car, not Auto, it says 5F26S on the back, and 5f19 TSAD on the main connector.
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  10. Items still for sale, PM any offers, will sell as a bundle.
  11. Will sell everything left for $100 shipped or b/o
  12. $90 shipped
  13. $80 shipped to any of the lower 48.
  14. $70 shipped to any of the lower 48..
  15. What do you have left?
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