1979-93 Ford Mustang pony wheels from Latemodel Restoration


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Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
Every Fox Body Ford Mustang owner has had the tough call of selecting just the perfect wheel to accompany their restoration or customization of their pony car. As the aftermarket for the Mustang continues to mature and pump out serious quality options, enthusiasts are commonly finding Official products endorsed by Ford. Latemodel Restoration now offers up one of the most sought after rollers–the Mustang Pony Wheels.

These wheels are suited for fitment to the 1979 through the 1993 Fox Body Mustang (4-lug) and a 16×7″ size, come as a set of 4 (with or without 225/55/16 rubber), and have an officially licensed Ford Mustang center cap with the correct running pony emblem over the tri bar logo. The Pony wheels are available in silver as well as chrome, and if you elect to get tires along with them, the mounting & balancing are free of charge and an there’s an optional Nitrogen fill-up, also.

Head over to Latemodel Restoration to get a closer look and maybe even pick up a set of these wheels of your own!

Source: LateModelRestoration

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