Engine 1979 FORD 302 & 2150 Question, wont start when hot


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Nov 8, 2018
North Bergen, NJ
Hello everyone,
New to this website here. Owner of 79 Thunderbird with Ford 302 and 2150 carb. No place to ask a question, and I know thunderbird and mustang shared the same engine. So, im here.
Here is my problem.
Original everything, Motor craft 2150 carb. The carb is reman installed week ago, fuel hose, couple other hose replaced as well. The problem is, The car will crank but will not start. The problem cause twice till now, both of them happened after I drove for a while, and all after a really rough idle, jump from 200-500rpm,. And the engine dies, and wont start after that. Last time this happened, I waited about 2-3 hours after the vehicle completely cold, then I am able to fire it up. Checked the fuel, I can see fuel been pumped into the engine when I push the throttle pedal(pump). Didn't check sparks, will do if next time this happened. Didn't check alternator. Battery is ok, starter is ok, Cranking is strong, but just wont start.

Just happened again, and after let it cold down for 15 mins, tried to start it, after cranking for 15 seconds, it start but really rough idle, after give it some throttle it runs normal.
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Aug 11, 2013
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You likely have an electric choke which is letting the car run ok when you start it cold. Sounds to me that your idle mixture may need some adjustment.

Odd that it won't start if you're getting fuel squirting out of the accelerator pump. I agree you'll want to make sure you're getting good spark, your timing is set properly, and that your vacuum advance is working properly. Check your spark plugs as well to make sure they haven't gotten fouled.

On those old engines, the warm-start procedure is to hold the accelerator down maybe 1/3 of the way while cranking. If you think you may have flooded it (too much fuel) then wide-open-throttle and try cranking.


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Oct 26, 2001
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Check some stupid things like the coil or coil connector. Mine did some strange intermittent stuff and it ended up being the connector on the coil. Tap it lightly when the car is running and see if it makes a difference. Just a thought!