1979 mercury capri 2500.00

Discussion in 'Fox Body Mustangs For Sale (1979-93)' started by Fiveohalex, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. I am contemplating selling my 79 capri, i have been putting it together slowly as a drag car only.

    306 very healthy with aftermarket pistons, very lumpy cam, i'll get specs on it very soon.
    victor jr intake
    650 holley
    ported stock heads, combo went low 12's with a automatic capri (c4) with 4:30's
    car is 28oz imbalance, with a billet flywheel and king cobra clutch.
    Adjustable clutch cable and quadrant.
    stock t5 with pro 5.0 shifter
    Currie 9" rear end with 31 spline axles 5 lug with 4:56's and spool, very good rear end setup 1/2" shorter than 79/93 stock fox width.
    Car has 5 lug up front with bullit style rims
    Stock sumped tank with holley blue.
    Has unequal length headers with off road h pipe and spintech pro street mufflers with dumps, sounds excellent.
    The body is in good condition it's no show car at all, no rot in frame rails, has rust in spots, small holes on floorboard. Car is good for someone who likes 4 eyed cars or just a good cheap drag car, needs little to be legal at the track but car is mobile. Starts right up, idles lumpy and nice, Youtube fiveohalex and you'll see a gray capri, that's the car. It's in primer now. I ran into tough times but won't be lowballed on the car. I'd like 2500.00 if possible. Thanks.
    i'll consider parting out but would rather not.


  2. capri

    is it road worthy could i drive it home
  3. no. it's not "legal" in terms of signal lights...etc. But she'll drive. i can arrange delivery about 80 miles from 01151
  4. SU1BRzAwNzcuanBn.jpg

    thought i'd show her all painted up.
  5. still for sale, good project to finish for a person that has the time.

    hood will be gloss black...paint lifted in spots
  6. looks like a nice project.
  7. it currently has a 8.8 with 355's, yeah it needs quite a bit...tuning...etc. Was not planning it on making it a on the road car, but i will be checking how much it will cost me to make it road worthy. Then the price will def be going up...slightly. lol
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