1983 GT T-top

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  1. Have a Original T-Top Mustang 1983 GT 5.0 5spd car.

    Motor trans and rear end are gone. I bought the car for the dash pad mirror and a corner marker light. I am parting the vehicle out.

    1983 GT T-Top 5.0 Hatchback Parts List

    Drivers Fender $35.00
    Front Bumper $50.00
    Rear Bumper $50.00
    T-Tops $35.00
    Tail Lights $50.00
    Passenger Door $50.00
    Rear Spoiler $75.00
    Rear Hatch $35.00
    Drivers door Glass $10.00
    Rear Quarter Glass $25.00
    Hood $15.00
    Dash bezels $25.00
    Steering Wheel +Column $75.00
    Seats Front +Rear $50.00
    Door panels Sold
    Radiator $30.00
    Steering Rack $25.00
    Front Suspension $35.00

    I Will Ship parts!!!
    If you don't see a part ask It might be here!
    Here is a link to 52 photos
    83 GT T-Top pictures by scrapit1 - Photobucket

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  2. Hood scoop sold
    Headlight covers sold
  3. What condiction are the tops in?
    Do you have the A-piler trim?
  4. I'm interested in the passenger side t-top door if you still have it. I only need the glass, but I will take the whole door if necessary. I need shipping to El Cajon, CA 92020. Thanks.
  5. Have tailights still?
  6. Only thing left is the t-top glass
  7. I need hatch
  8. Head liner??
  9. This an old post car has been crushed
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Not open for further replies.