Expired 1983 Mustang Gt 4 Eyes ****

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  1. 1983 4 eyed fox mustang gt 302 was told its the HO not 100 percent sure can take engine pics tomorrow maybe for help. It has manual transmission. Very nice car mechanically it runs perfect has been my daily driver this past month for atleast 2 hours a day. Reads 63,xxx not sure of actual.
    Pros: Has new seat covers, trunk struts, ignition module, tires and pacer rims, spare tire, clutch and brakes fresh, windows work great, heat is amazing.

    Cons: has some body damage although no rust to fenders, dash is cracked, no radio, and ac line is not hooked up.

    (if someone is interested can take more detailed pictures)

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  2. What are you asking ? Just curious.
  3. asking price please
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