1984 Gt Turbo Wont Start

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  1. hi i have a 1984 mustang gt turbo efi 2.3l, it just blew a head gasket so i replaced that timing is set correctly has new fuel pump, cap, rotor, wires, plugs, inertia switch, 35lbs injectors(brown top) la3 computer, new center mount header, .60 trim turbo, and switched to 88 turbo coupe upper and lower intake and fuel rail but car will not fire. it gets fuel and has spark but will not catch or attempt to fire at all i have tried anything i need help any help is appreciated
  2. If you have fuel and you have fire it should start. If it doesnt then I would still suspect that the timing is off. Does it backfire when it is turning over??
    I hate trying to set the timing on a 2.3 from scratch.
  3. Yeah I adjusted timing a little more and now it wants to start but it still won't I'm getting fuel and spark my compression was at 40psi now its above 90 but man these are a pain to time
  4. Just keep bumping the timing by a degree or two until it fires and then you can fine tune it once it is warmed up and idling decent.
    Its not near as bad on a stock engine as it is on a modded engine like yours.
  5. I would make sure that your timing belt has not slipped. I had a similar issue one time where my timing belt had slipped a few notchs somehow and I could not get my engine to start, although at times it appeared to almost fire up.
  6. Do you have the timing marks or are you using the string method? Best bet may be to find btdc and start from scratch.

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